Your Ultimate Guide To Jamb 2017 Admission Process — 178 Comments

  1. Oga flash pls I put economics as a course when am doing registration and my subject combination is use of English.. government.. economics and c.r.s and is when I finished registration that I noticed that mathematics is compulsory for economics course but now I have wrote the exam and score 234…pls my question is whether the school i put which is federal university Dutse, Jigawa state will gv me admission in that economics without maths or whether they will gv me any course to study or whether I will not get admission at all because my subject combination did not rhyme…why am pleading for Ur advice/answer Sir is because I don’t have money for change of course now.
    Pls I pray u read it n come to my aide …thank u

  2. pls i want to know if schools are using o’level and utme to score candidates or jamb will send admission list to them then they will call candidate for verification of results. pls i need answers

  3. Sir pls i score 207 in my jamb & i applicied medicine & surg will i be admitted into UNN? And i have a D7 in biology in Waec but credit all my papers in Neco will i gain admission? Sir my waec is better becos i scored Bs in some and fine Credit just d biology, should i combine d result or go only with Neco?

  4. i scored 240 in jamb…..can i get admission in UNN to study LAW….plssss answer……what r my chances pls

  5. sir ,i scored 227 ,can i study law in uniben or ambrose ali university.and i want to know the chances of admitting me in the above universities

  6. Sir am obed by name I wanted to study medicine and surgery but my score is 236. For me, it is low as to fetch my course of interest and I want to go for change of course. Please sir what do you advise?

  7. pls sir my name is abdulrahman . Am confuse about how jamb will notify our admission or if the shool will call u for screanin or jamb will inform u true ur jamb portar plss sir i need ur important answer

  8. There was mistake in my name during jamb registration, OLAREWWAJU instead of OLAREWAJU. Can I collect affidavit for it?

  9. In my neco i ve English c5 math c5 literature c6 biology c6 economics b2 govt d7.
    What can i study with dis result sir.

  10. flash i score 218 in jamb and want to study IRPM in unilag what are my chances though i ave a gud subject combination and with grade b,c in waec one sitting

  11. please sir I got 200 in my jamb. and am going for banking and finance in UNN and am using 2017 NECO is it any chance of me gaining admission over there.. please flas

    h help me

  12. Please is jamb still changing institutions for students.what’s my chance of studying education in English in uniabuja,as I scored 198 and my waec is credit all except maths that is E8.I put nassarawa state uni as my second choice.

  13. in my waec i got d7 in enconomics, and i wrote enconomics in my jamb exam. and my score is 190 pls will i be able to get admission in any institution to study business administration and manegement or accountancy?

  14. Pls I score 181 in my jamb,can I gain admission into futminna with the aid of study microbiology?

  15. Pls I score 180 in jamb is there any hope for admission in unizik.want to study biochemistry.also have two Waec results to combine.reply pls

  16. Please sir, I registered with two sitting in my jamb but now that the waec is out, how can I change it to one sitting from my portal

  17. Good morning sir,I registered my jamb with two sittings (waec nd neco).i scored 268 and I chose funaab,mechatronics I have a high chance of gaining admission.

    Or should I just sit for waec gce 2017/2018 and make a single result(if u are advising me on dis how do i change the previous results i used to the upcoming gce result)

    I hope that u understand my question sir and that you kindly reply me sir.have a nice day ahead sir.

  18. Good day sir,pls I scored 160 and was not referred to any school. Is it true sir that jamb has finished given admission?or should I do .we were the last people that wrote jamb

  19. Good sir, am Michael, I scored 167 in my jamb, and I want to study business administration @auchi polytechnic as my first choice, am i good to go sir


  21. Pls sir I scored 216 in jamb I want to study Nursing in abu in my o’level result I had english c6,math c6 , biology c5 ,chemistry c5 ,physics c5 animal husbandry c5, civic D7 ,economics D7, pls ther any possibility for me to gain admission wit d result

  22. sir i want to study animal breeding and genetics in funaab, i dont have biology, but i have credit in both agric and animal husbandry and the rest science subjects, and i scored 194 in jamb. although their cut of mark for agriculture course is 180, my question is that will i be given admission in absence of biology in funaab sir, pls i will be glad to read frm u

  23. am sunday, in jamb I scored 213 want to study biochemistry at LASU. wat my chance of gaining admission in to lasu this year?

  24. pls flash,i score 180 and i put unizik as a first choice and have not hear any news from them pls can u feed me wit their updates…

  25. hello? Am Sunday, my jamb score is 213, ma 1st choice is lasu in their want to study biochemistry, 2d choice is Absu microbiology. what are ma chances of gaining admission in those two preferred school…………

  26. pls sir, can sumone who have gain admission into his/her choice university can able to pick school form and change course? if possible pls let me know thanks.

  27. Pls sir i scored 246 in jamb, my waec is good except for my Literature(d7), pls i will like to know if i’m good to go for History and International Studies at UNN and pls i will like to know if there screening form is out,,,will be waiting for your noble reply,,,Thanks

  28. sir, 213 is my jamb score an am to study biochem in lasu, what chance will I gaining admission into lasu this year? I will be very glad to read from you, thanks.

  29. hello sir, I scored 213 in my jamb exam and I cleared my papers at one sitting(gce though) and I chose lasu as my first n second choice to study Accounting…What are my chances of gaining admission this year

  30. Sir please l scored 164 jamb and l want to study public administration can jamb give me admission in that all the subject or ok only mathematics is d7

  31. Pls I scored 196 in my jamb
    with once sitting in wace
    But while registering my jamb they mistakenly
    put Biology instead of maths.
    wanna study Fishery and aquatic resources mgt
    in Michael okpara university
    and the subjects combination are English,agric,maths and chemistry.
    Do I have chance of gaining admission or will they give me another course to study?
    in my waec
    Chemistry C6
    agric B3
    Eng C6
    Biology C5

  32. Please sir, I put economics as a course and I had economics D7 in this year’s waec and B3 in the previous one. So, my question is if I can gain admission in Absu, because when I went to upload the results at Umuahia jamb office the woman there (Madam Clara) did not combine it and I think she did it intentionally, because she told me early on that she doesn’t have time for that and refused to do it the way I want.

  33. my waec, three-B3, Four c6,One c5, and One E8 all one sitting! ln jamb I scored 213, pls do I have the chance to read microbiology at UNN. pls reply

  34. this is ukawa ndumere,my jamb score is 214, and I want to read Veterinary Medicine at UNN with one sitting of waec any hope for admin pls flash.

  35. I am Okoroafor Nwankwo, In my waec I got math c6, phyB3, chemB3, govB3, ecoC5, engC6, igboC5, agricE8, BioC6. then in Jamb I got 210. Do I have the chance to read Vet Medicine At UNN

  36. i am Oweizidei Napoleon Fabrice , my o level
    marketing B3
    geography B2
    economic B3
    English C6
    civic A1
    mathematics B3
    biology C6
    chemistry B2
    physic D7 … my jamb is 191 can I be admitted to study mathematics with D7 in physics ??

  37. Pls sir,I changed my school to ekpoma,bit when I went to purchase the form I was told no record found,pls is of that jamb has not yet send them information

  38. got 6credict 3b3, in jamb got 213, institution Absu Second choice. do I have the chance to read Microbiology in ABSU? Pls flash.

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