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  1. I wrote my jamb this year 2020 and uptill now i am not knowing weather i have offered admission so can i do

  2. Good evening sir..
    I did my jamb regularization november 2019 and up till now I haven’t seen my jamb pin yet…and the status is clearly written N/A..wat should I do..

  3. Good evening sir,i am having troubles with my admission since last year 2019,it keeps giving me :error admission is not given yet on my phone while with the use of the system it says Not Admissed.what should i do?will i be still be given admission

  4. Sir pls when I open my applicants dash board it only shows my picture without any details sir n when I check on jamb caps it only showing welcome but on jamb portal it showing this form has not been offered admission yet sir should I still expect admission

  5. Hi sir d jamb change me the caurse that i offer and i accepted but when i go 2 admission status show me not admited why sir

    • I’m also having the same problem, yesterday jamb and ekiti state University gave me a transfer approval to a new course,on my transfer approval icon on Caps,I accepted the transfer of course but my status on my CAPS hasn’t changed yet

  6. Good morning, I wrote jamb in 2017 and I was offered admission in my school of choice but I didn’t accept my admission then and now I was being told to bring my admission letter in school and my admission status on jamb portal is saying sorry no admission is offered…. Plz wat does this mean
    Does it mean I am not admitted at all or because I have not accepted my admission… Plz can it still be rectified or what does it mean

  7. Have been offered admission on my school portal but jamb caps is still saying not admitted wat should I do

  8. Oau offer me sociology and anthropology instead of political science that I choose, I accepted and my new course and school name show on my admission status. But it still admission in progress for past few days, please what is wrong

  9. Pls my jamb is showing not admitted for unzik pls do I have hope of getting addmitted I scored 181 in jamb 42 in post utme and my course is Early childhood and education pls do I have hope.

  10. Plz my admission has been in progress since last and has not changed is there any chance of it still changing

  11. I need epp o, diz my statue neva want to chsnge , still dey write admission in progress both school and jamb cap

  12. Good evening sir,pls have been offered admission by the the school (uniabj) since October and my jamb Caps is till showing not admitted yet pls what do I do

  13. my Jamb caps is showing welcome,but Admission status is “not admitted”
    I don’t know what wrong
    And I want to ask if Ui has released all their list

  14. Why is uni abuja so slow in giving admission?… Have been checking not admitted is what have been seeing is not that I did not reached there cutoff for jamb I passed both the jamb and post utme is there anything jamb can do?

  15. Hello,i was offered admission on jamb caps but my school site has refused to accept my details. What’s the problem

  16. please when I check my jamb caps my institution is showing and my course but it’s still showing not admitted and I have uploaded my o level result
    do I still have hope or what should I do

  17. I’ve accepted admission on jamb caps and I’m in right standing with the school too. I want to ask if it’s possible to be retake jamb? I mean, do I have a fair chance of gaining admission again this year? My reason for asking is because of the new jamb caps system

  18. Is it possible for someone who is seeing admission in progress on jamb portal not to be given admission later on

  19. Sir pls during the process of uploading my awaited results one particular subject’s grade was wrongly imputed but then my chosen institution has given me a different course from what I applied for could this b the reason while my caps still shows not admitted since last year(2019)?should I re-upload my awaited result again or what

  20. Supplementary list showing in my school portal, wat DOS it mean, admission in progress for about 8 weeks, will I still gain admission

  21. Jamb caps send me a message that the school i applied change my course from the one i choose that i should accept it on jamb caps but when i log in it was showing not addmited yet am confuse what does it mean

  22. Good day sir,my school list is actually not yet out but already with jamb. And applicants from d school have started receiving and accepting admission. but for sometime now when i check it shows ”NOT ADMITTED”, so i want to ask does it mean i was not offered admission by jamb at all. or i have not been offered yet? thanks.

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