How to Check Your Waec Result Online — 503 Comments

  1. Pls sir my result is been held is there any hope to get it and I am sit for jamb this 2020 what can I do pls

  2. Pls release my result this is the third and the last time am writing waec and you people held my last hope i put my best to this exam, for no reason you people went to held it have pity on us because this is not fair atall,pls release our result for Christmas sake,your effort in life will not go in vain,thank pls

  3. Pls I think task or burden is not easy I almost spend all April till June reading an now I am mad pls I really need my result I beg of u

  4. please my result is been held , it is not yet released and I really need the result now because I want to use it for my screening on the 28 of this month

  5. Pls my result is held through out pls am from a poor background pls beg u all waec official to release my result like wise others thanks

  6. See waec! Dey released d results of those dat really carried expo, and held innocents’ results, like in my skul u can neva be allow 2 do malpractice. Everybody knows him 4 dat. Students ar even running 4rm d centre going 2 where they will be abu 2 carry expo. But now! Waec disappointed us.
    But u can still do us, ur children, good by releasing our result on time.
    Many of us already, are planning how 2 get admission dis yeaar but without our resultz, dis cant be possible.
    Please waec officials, from the smallest to d highest person, i beg u all, do us good by releasing our result.

  7. said: i am beg god, an begging your our waec result, has up but were don’t know what we have did, pls relaese our result.

  8. Pls My result math is outstanding and my brother own is with held pls help us we have suffer so much for this result

  9. my screening will start soon and my waec result is still held. sir, pls release the results so as to help our future.

  10. My waec result held pls I don’t understand this pls help me I need my waec result I’m not happy pls I need my waec 2019 result i didn’t do anything wrong

  11. sir/ma pls release our resuit on time .
    what is really happening in this country have spend many time day /night on this resuit
    by going to school at the same time to work after of this day of suffer

  12. please sir I’m begging you people to release my result
    I’m waiting for admission
    I wrote last year my English was cancelled
    I wrote this year again with my money
    my sweat
    please release my result as u do so may our almighty God reword u

  13. thank u,dey held our result but the release some why we wrote in the same center,now i have my jamb score 188 but no for me to go for uploading.Pls have love for poor,bcause i registered computer pls cancel the computer and release my result.from Dashe Teptehl.pls help nigerian.

  14. WAEC OFFICIALS,Iam not a candidate Iam a parent.Why witheld result of those candidates not cought in examination malpratice? If candidates fails you happily release the result as If your prayers is for candidates to fail, but when passed result are witheld why? Admission are at the corner,WAEC result held for nor concrete reason why? Those cought in examination malpractice should be dealt with but those passed by their efforts their result should be released to them to seek admission to higher institution pls.Don’t deprive them of their sweat and efforts.WHAT IS CORRUPTION? Thank you

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