WAEC Results To Be Released This Month Of July — 153 Comments

  1. I support and comment that waec resuilt should be released for almost 45 days after exam,because of the awaiter so that they should be sure about they admss.

  2. Please they should cool down and mark those papers there’s no point rushing to avoid serious mistake,bcos that is the future of many people.Am not in support of 45 days

  3. yesterday I see your post that saying, 2017 waec results is finally out, today is end of June that means today we are going to see our result bcox on your post you told us that this June

  4. they should consider us because this is our main life …..what i mean is this result s will count whealther we will go ahead towards to our education so please,please,please just do something to it .Please they should mark d papers very well to avoid hasty markings i dont see any point in rushing at least 60-65 days would be ok for d whole markings.Please they should cool down and mark those papers there’s no point rushing to avoid serious mistake,because that is the future in life thank you i hope you agree with my suggestion

  5. i willy completed SWEDRU S.D.A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and i am a business student so kindly do mercy on my papers please again

  6. i hope our leaders didnt rush to mark our papers
    we suffered to write so please we hoping to see the best

  7. bring it out let me see my picture,i fear that math and geography and physics. I guess i killed chem and bio but english was still breathing. Okay my result will be like this
    Chem A1
    Phy C4
    Bio A1
    Eng B3
    Other i dont care if its f9

  8. I always pray to see my weac result but the result is yet out as the people are saying while other people are saying is out so pls what is the true talk about weac result and what is the actual date that it will come out.

  9. Pls am really afraid about dis,can u tell us d maximum nd minimum of those who failed and those who passed thanks.

  10. But to avoid stories that touches heart, they should calm down, u knw what we are talking abt here is not easy o, student will not be be happy when if dey did nt come out in flying colors. . So i advice that d west Africa examination council should pls relax so d marker will nt mark d student down. . . Thanks

  11. i dont even care if they like dem realese 100 days so far its good at least i don wait and fear dan dis na for jamb so no wahala

  12. I think our waec result will be released atleast in 4~5days and may allah grand us with a good viewing of it ameeeeeen

  13. Please let’s pray for a change ,if what is in the air should come into reality then we are domed. Believe in God and also in what you wrote and let’s keep waiting for July 20 because I overheard someone saying so

  14. I have started receiving msgs that the wassce results are out but I think its a rumor.My advice to students is they should patiently wait their results will be released no matter how long it will be bcos the more you spread the rumors the more the markers mark it hastily.

  15. I really need to know the date it is getting out pls. This is killing me. I have waited to long and now its time to know

  16. I hope and guess that the results are out safe and sound.
    We don’t want to wait till till till ooooo.
    We want to further Iiut education.


  18. Rachel hw re u sure it’s out av u seen ur own result cos av been checking waec direct and 2017 result is nowhere to be found plz if uv seen urs tell us how u checked it

  19. Waec Result Should Be Released This July,as For Me 60days Is Very Much Ok To’ve Marked Every Thing,please Waec Officials Lets Keep To Our Words Nd Delay!

  20. I put my trust in GOD because with him all things are possible so I pray for precious and excellent result in Jesus name amen.

  21. Something must be done with the core mathematics,I am using my results to enter school this year there should be no pending of results without good reason

  22. please i just need an update on this waec release date cause according to my calculation of the 60-65 days of release its apparently coming out on monday that is 17 of this month

  23. I am glad it be out on 20th july and i know we all shall come out with flying colours ijn. Because I AM A CHOSEN NO FEAR

  24. It would be very abysmalpelagic if @the end of this week waec result is not out, I will see a bugaboos that must be pooh_pooh by all composmentis homo, I have given my logomarchy and my logomarchy has made a locapartial

  25. I Am Not Afraid Because God Is With Me {isaiah 41:10}. And I Cannot Be Dissapointed Because My Trust Is In God {Romans 10:11}. My Result Is Sure Banker.

  26. I recommend that WAEC change the way of marking papers. Because it has the propensity of putting the employees or those who are hired to rush to mark.Why will you say the number of papers you Mark determine your pay?very bad!! Thanks for your hard work.

  27. Waec will be out on wednessday dont know why you people are panicking this much, trust in your God whom you serve and every thing will be fine.

  28. Plz oo my palz dnt b eager we re cumin out with colour riot so stay calm we re goin 2 make our results in JESÚS NAME AMEN

  29. please let it be fast oooooo,because i have been on tension ever since the day we finished that is on the 5th of may.

  30. Will be overjoyous and ever grateful to God. ‘Cos I know I have been highly favoured. Do not fear any longer He is with us

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