Jamb 2017 Direct Entry Registration Date Finally Announced — 160 Comments

  1. Please, when will be jamb scratch card for 2017/2018 be available? I need feedback please

  2. pls am in need of a science student who is very good in physics,let’s share more ideas together,you can call me on this no:09079606567

  3. My big question is, When is direct Entry form coming out? And the application procedure as shown for JAMB please.

  4. Hy, Plz when is the exact date for jamb registration and the exam… and how do we get to know? is through jamb direct link or what?

  5. Great flashlearners I hail you, sir you’ve done a great job and God will reward you for it. This site is really helping thanks

  6. Hello Please, can you clarify me more on how this Direct Entry works… because to me it sounding like am to rewrite jamb again whereas i already have my OND

  7. This is how it works: Since you have your OND, you don’t need to buy normal Jamb form like others. Also, you will not have to start from year one. All you need to do is, get the Jamb direct entry form, take the exam and pass… When successful, you will be offered admission into 200 Level or 300 level as the case may be. Is it clear?

  8. can I get admission into 200 university with this result in NCE D-in Education,D-in French,B-in teaching practice,D-in general studies.

  9. yea but its still jamb like exam na and you’d have to wait till you are admitted….is it not better to secure hnd form also should incase there is any issue.. and plz hw does dx DE exam look like?

  10. Hy Isaac, plz can you search for any uni offering OTM/OIM under management sci/SoS

    and also advice me one wic one i should go, because i don’t want to go bk to poly…though i’v nt seen my result anyway…but just advice me is it NDU or UST

  11. yea and also pls ISAAC, if am to choose Lit in Eng in my courses, wic books am I to study seeing that i have not been on it for long?

  12. Finally, u didnt reply my quest concerning this IJMB and JAMB…btw the both wic is better and why?

  13. Thanks for the info, but is direct entry candidates will also write exam like jamb candidates because they don’t use to write it before

  14. Will direct entry candidates write exam like jamb candidates because they don’t use to write it before, thanks for the info

  15. come…bro… u skipped 2 of my questions again……though am used to it…so let me put them in One Sentence…lol….”if I choose Lit in Eng, among the 4 subjects am to write in d exam…what Lit books/novels/prose/poetry am i to study? (1)

    (2) please what uni offers OTM/OIM as a course apart form bori…i got NDU & UST can i get more and can u advice me on wic to take

  16. Before now, there used to be direct entry screening organized by the Uni you choose. However,since post Jamb has been scraped, it will be normal submission of documents to the school.

    Jamb will be a major admission determinant.

  17. Thanks Isaac, but I still don’t get it, what i mean is, what literature books am i to study for context questions…. because when i was doing cbt practical there were so many questions i couldn’t ansa due to i haven’t read the books… and those are past novels…. so what am saying is that wic are we to study for this exam?

  18. Please can a candidate apply for both Direct Entry and UTME in the 2017 JAMB admission activities.

  19. can I obtained both jamb and De form together as in I already HV my ND result BT I wanna try the two so which ever work I will go for it. BT is its possible

  20. Pls sir what do i need to get admission in to the university through jamb?but i already have my nce certificate.

  21. After my initial login, i have not been able to login again. it usually displays ‘Try Again; Account creation is not complete.
    please, what should be done.

  22. Hy! its already pass 23rd for the sales of DE form na…. please I hope they won’t extend the sale like they did with Jamb form ooo

  23. Does Uniport accept DE? and what uni can one find BUS ADMIN? around South South, south east

  24. does uniport offers Bus Admin and do dey accept OND for DE and plx wen and wer can one register for DE and also how much is it and what are the requirement if u already have the book?

  25. Please which Uni around here offers BUS ADMIN or CAN one find any close by Uni that offers it?

  26. Yes i followed the link.

    It usually displays: 404- file or directory not found, followed by: This resource you are looking for might have been received, had its name changed or is temporarily not available.


  27. please when are they going to release DE form, today is 28th of april, and their is no new development. any good news from reliable source?.

  28. Will student produce two jamb profiles if applying for the two utme and d/e thanks

  29. Pls admin. Can post comments regarding A level programmes? And direct entry? Sir
    I think ijamb. Is far better than utme. It is evident in the issuing of result. Ahmadu bello university been affiliated to ijamb.and not every body have orientation about the programming yet anybody can go for the programme include candidate who are deficient in one subject or the other. Thanks..God bless our academic hustles.

  30. They said the forms wl be on sale on 23-04-2017, but since I keep on visiting cafe n told is not yet on sale. Pls, wn wl the 2017 DE registration start?

  31. Hy
    plx My kid 6 scored 192 in her jamb and although she didn’t include NDA in her sch choices, what’s her fate if she does change of institution to NDA?

  32. sir am an nce holder but any time am logging my past jamb registration number it says not regularized what can I do on this case?

  33. if I Don do jamb but my score is not okay….. am I free to obtain direct entry or not????

  34. How can i apply for direct entry if my past jamb number is not regularized?

  35. its really sad how people behave, they hardly keep to their words….imagine Jamb DE was to be out by 23rd March according to Jamb officials and up til now….there is not a slightest show of it….for me am done reading, am tired, its like am wasting my time… fact i don’t have the appetite for reading again…..plz someone should be honest with the sale of the form naaaaaa THERE IS NO MORE TIME

  36. Hello Sir, am Giddy from Lagos, Nigeria. I finished from an Innovation Enterprise Institute with an NID in Computer Sofware Engineering. I want to apply for Direct Entry now, hope they would accept it?

  37. Pls I want to know if I can do change of data precisely my name for direct entry in any Caffè. Pls I nid an urgent answer. God bless

  38. pls I obtain my DE vending pin @ bank ,when I type in d pin for my registration it say pin error, pls what can I do its urgent

  39. Please does JAMB mobile application work for the vended E-Pin verification? Because a bought a vended pin direct on Jamb Website through the pay on-line button, after receiving the vended the pin, I tried logging in and inputing the pin the for verification the Jamb mobile app, and it gave me an error messaging “Wrong pin”.

  40. can a student who wrote jamb still apply for DE, bcos f dx jamb profile palava!”

  41. Because of Jamb reg. Number issues of regularization i registered it under OTHER DIPLOMA hope there is no effect

  42. Is jamb DE Form still on sale? I want to know as soon as possible please.

  43. sir please how can i get past question on computer science for direct entry exam and please how can i get the subject combination for computer science

  44. Hy Flash!
    Plz I’ve Done My DE registration using an Awaiting Result, although it was clearly stated that “WHENEVER MY RESULT IS AVAILABLE, I SHOULD UPLOAD IT” my question is this, since the reg. ends on the 12 of august, and my result is not at hand, would it affect the registration already done? and secondly, I want to know when RSUST and UNIPORT would start their screening exam

    Please FLASH ISAAC, I’d appreciate it if you’d give this questions maximum and speedy answer as am wallowing in many thoughts…..thanks

  45. Hi flash,
    i already have a profile with jamb, is the next step to go to the bank for direct entry e-pin with #5000 or i should go to a cyber cafe to purchase the form? to register for d.e and i read thats its going to close by 12th Aug…
    Pls if you have registered kindly answer my question on tbe steps to follow because i need fast reply. Thanks

  46. My expected result is 3.08 and I also learnt that RSUST don’t write the DE screening test. how true is that?

  47. pls, when is the jamb DE closing date for registration? and after registration is it compulsory to summit our credentials to jamb office? pls I need ur reply. Thanks!

  48. HY! FLASH
    its 14th today and DE reg elapsed on the 12th lime they said, though I’ve registered but i used an awaiting result… and they said i should upload my result when i have it… But till now I’ve not gotten my result at hand…what’s my chance of admission?

  49. Pls has the registration for direct entry for this year close cuz I’m still doing my regularization and I heard d registration has closed already

  50. HY! PLEASE WHAT HAPPENS IF I FAIL TO UPLOAD MY OND RESULT AS REQUIRED? does it means that my registration is futile n invalid?

  51. please sir, is it necessary to submit documents to the jamb office before admission will process as a DE student of this 2017/2018 registration?

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