Jamb 2018 Direct Entry Registration Date And Screening Updates — 151 Comments

  1. Pls and pls help us to extend it if it is just ordinary 2or3day we wont to collect the form I would collect it but it is just because of wrong information I heard pls help us we beg of jamb to extend direct entry form

  2. Still in first semester 2nd year which am going to finish this year. My question is, can I buy the form now, or would they release another one for our set, cos I don’t want to stay for a year at home. Thanks

  3. They should pls and av mercy on us ooo…they should extend the closing time till next month. We are having the problem of jamb regularization.

  4. just close it.for the reason,serious students has already bought their pin.only those who has no intent to apply remained.thank you.

  5. Please the orginasation should extend the closing date because hands are not equal,we still need your chance,presently I have the zeal to apply but I dont no the I have to go by steps from different individual

  6. Pls is the direct entry form still on sale coz uni of Ibadan is d sch m processing and I haven’t heard any news from dem since last year

  7. Pls pity us and extend d DE registration we weren’t expecting it so soon some us haven’t even completed our regularisation process

  8. Hi am Mashe!
    It is my honour and pleasure to urge jamb board to extend DE dateline because a lot of candidate never expect that this will be closed early. Have mercy on our future leaders who did not register with jamb so that will have chance to found themself registered. finally, I firmly believe that this suggestion will be accepted to jamb board. pls do something candidates are not smiling…help them so that can skale through not to scatter everyone plan …

  9. please they should have mercy and extend the closing date…but i thought DE is normally around april…how come this sudden change of plan.

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