Jamb 2019 Direct Entry Registration Date And Screening Updates — 1,094 Comments

  1. Pls sir help us re open direct entry portal many are been fostrated by jamb attitude de and umte can’t close the same time now help us

  2. The news of closing was so shocking. pls we need a little extension, is not a right but we are just pleading in the name of God. Pls pls and pls. Reopen DE Portal to allow us fix in.

  3. Please we ask for your in the name of God,that you help us and reopen the portal of direct entry.God bless you all richly!

  4. Pls help us, most of us are not aware of this direct entry,been along side with jamb, pls reopen in the name of God

  5. Help us re open the de portal many of us are not aware of the information help us please considere us if we are your children how will you feel help us many of us are been fostrated by this

  6. Please help my future and open the direct entry for us just for one week I just get the money recently please I depend on you thanks

  7. Jamb is the right of the citizen to complaning for jamb to re open the portal just a great of one week please and please jamb answer the future leader of tomorrow so that we should not limit their destiny. God bless you people as they about to solve our problem.

  8. Jamb should sell e pin and open portal for DE applicants. Many are just getting their results and just completed regularisation

  9. Since the closing date till today,i have not been feeling well,jamb please re-open the portal cause i can’t help to stay home for another one year.

  10. Just for 1 week help us now……….. it’s not our fault. it just cox of the strike and the election. and this government are always saying it’s for the people of nigeria and since last 2 weeks we are begging for re-opening the portal

  11. Shebi, people are still pleading and begging you to reopen it now ni. Soon na curse you will be receiving from them if you don’t reopen the D.E. People that don’t have sense again that supposed to have died are still gambling with our future.

  12. Shebi, people are still pleading and begging you to reopen it now ni. Soon na curse you go dey receive from them. I don’t know why people that supposed to have died,they are still ruling Nigeria.

  13. I think this is wickedness,from Jan 10th to Feb 21st not even up-to 2months and when they’ll reopened it. They did not up-to a week. If they don’t want us to go to school again they just cancel everything. Mitchew…

  14. pls help us to open the DIRECT Entry for only one week pls and pls becourse we are waiting for our jam pin, but help us to open it we will get the jam number soon in sha Allah,All will we NEED IS to you to open it again for us to fill it,,, warms Regards

  15. Pls help us extend the closing date for the generation of pin……some students that wrote A’level exam and those that yet to write have not get their pin yet……E.g jupep students are yet to be given examination num which will be filled in the D.E form………pls consider us and re-open the portal….

  16. pls and pls jamb poter i take my lass money do regulasation and the sand me my jamb number. The new say the have colse. Pls and pls reoper the poter for us pls

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