How To Fix The Issue Of Invalid Pin When Checking Jamb Results — 22 Comments

  1. My caps was writing not admitted but I saw *accept* at d bottom end of the page and I click on it
    What is d effect and what is the next step

  2. Pls I used my uncle’s mail to open my jamb profile kus I was not with my phone that day Nd naw am trying to open d mail tru caps it’s saying invalid password or mail

  3. I saw “no admission had been given yet”…and when I decided to check d jamb CAPS… it was giving me invalid password even when I input d right thing.. Wat is going on..

  4. It showing me the same as pen Emme. When I login to my account. It’s saying “subquery returned more than 1 value. What does it mean? And what is the solution.

  5. Pls I couldn’t login my account, it has been showing “subquery returned more than 1 value, this is not permitted ” pls what can I do?

  6. my account is not opening at all and it is not showing any invalid password or email. it is not just opening. and i want to check caps

  7. Pls I have been offered admission by jamb and i have accepted the admission but d school haven’t offered me admission am i safe

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