Federal Fire Service Recruitment | How To Apply for FFS — 42 Comments

  1. when,and will we be notify that we are have been shortles…Since the regsrtn portal hav clos i ned ur humbl and ungent rply.thanks

  2. hi Mr Isaac.pls now that fed fire service online recruitment has stopped.those of us dat were able to register how will we know we’ve been shortlisted .I’m worried I don’t won’t 2 miss any information

  3. l cant up load my phonograph and my profile still showing zero after l have finished registration, but they have sent me my guarantor form

  4. Stupid fire service website. Nigeria is too backward for online application. Make them no worry time dey come govt go beg peoole for work

  5. Please I changed my email address since then I’ve been finding it hard to login. What do I do?

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