25 Simple Ways To Score Very High In Jamb 2021 — 39 Comments

  1. john mathew on said:

    thank u sir 4 ur help

  2. Honngee Raphael on said:

    thank u Sir, i am greatful for ur good work

  3. Anonymous on said:

    thank you so much

  4. Emmanuel on said:

    thanks a lot you motivated a soul sir, I realy appreciate
    Thank you

  5. Felix on said:

    Thanks sir.sir is it right to study your jamb pass question to prepare for d upcoming one

  6. okoye divine favor E on said:

    thanks a lot sir

  7. okoye divine favor E on said:

    fabulous sir
    thanks a lot

  8. zaynab on said:

    You are really amazing,Ipray dat Almighty Allah will continue to bless you and ur family.AMEN

  9. Prof. Wale Falomo on said:

    Good article.

  10. ehwre samuel on said:

    nice tip sir you are dong a good job but sir is it advisable to still use past questions when you have limited time to study knowing that they are still topics in the syllabus you have not covered

  11. Winnie Isobo on said:

    Tnx alot sir

  12. Hamza on said:

    Sir, we thank you so much for this Wake-up advise you’ve given to us. May the Almighty God reward you aboundantly. We would be looking forward to learn more from your wonderfull and inreplaceble tips.

  13. Hamza on said:

    Sir, we thank you so much for this Wake-up advise you’ve given to us. May the Almighty God reward you. And we’re looking forward to see more God-sent tips from you.

  14. marvelous on said:


  15. Eseji jessica on said:

    Pls wat z d subject combination for linguistic

  16. Agbogidi on said:

    it is helpful boss

  17. iheanacho Edith on said:

    Hi sir. Please I need ur help, I wrote jamb last year but I Didn’t make it I scored 133 and now I wanna register for this year am scared and I don’t know what to do because jamb is closing tomorrow. Please sir I need ur help

  18. Bashiru sulaiman on said:

    What are the jamb subjects for biology course pls

  19. ituma chioma on said:

    tnk u Sir I will put it into practice

  20. Olabiyi Emmanuel on said:

    Pls sir can I get literature questions?

  21. luke on said:

    thk u sir.

  22. Opayele Toheebat on said:

    Pls sir,have registered for jamb and created my profile correctly,i have been trying to login my account but its not going through also no message from jamb yet.Pls help sir

  23. Rodhiat Opeyemi on said:

    Thanks a lots sir…I’ll make use of them

  24. Nicki on said:

    i need literature n Government syllables please

  25. annointing on said:

    how does a depressed person pass jamb?

  26. Masaudu ibrahim on said:

    Thanks sir. sir can i get physics syllabus?

  27. Shuaib Kabirat on said:

    Thanks for the advise. It will help a lot.

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