Which Bank To Buy Jamb 2017 CBT Registration E-Pin? — 51 Comments

  1. I got the E-pin from Union bank, but when I went to register yesterday, I heard DAT the E-pin is invalid.Please what can be done

  2. Will The E Pin Be Given To Us Immediately After Collecting The Jamb Stuffs Or We Will Come Back After Some Days Cos In Skye Bank I Was Told That The E Pin Will Be Sent To Our Mails, I Did The Something Yesterday Around 2pm, Till Now No Epin, Pls What’s Is The Solution O?

  3. pls i paid for form at bank and they said i have to wait naw it over24 hrs and I have not sent d pin what should

  4. I bouht the form 2 days ago and paid, they asked me to wait for the e-pin till now i hav’nt received any pin what is the solution pls help me

  5. After my jamb registration i was been told that the e pin will be given to us since monday i haven,t seen any message and am worried

  6. I have go to bank to buy the pin but on getting there there service is not OK I live the bank on getting home I saw the pin in my gmail box did I need to go to bank for print out

  7. Am so worried up till now I have both received any pin..I made my payment at sky bank they say I will receive it within 24hrs since Monday I have waiting, today is Thursday please what’s happening?? Is the fault from the jamb or bank I need solution

  8. pls I went to zenith bank for registration they accepted my money but said that it was unable to print out the pin due to network and that it will b sent to my gmail which I’m sure of my gmail since (29/03/17)…now its 30th…although i went to the bank today ..d assistant manager told me he would see to it…my questions are hope my 5500naira is not gone?????, and will it affect me from writing jamb dis year after much effort on my studies???.

  9. I made my jamb payment at zenith Bank kontogora since on Tuesday morning and they said I will get my jamb pin within 48hs but up to now I can get it plsss help me and a send it to me tonight

  10. hello
    can a bank be working under the jamb mandate and still don’t have pins to deliver?
    Alot of people haven’t gotten theirs including me.
    how is that possible

  11. Please, I paid the required amount @ Skye bank since Monday being 27th of this month, and up till now I haven’t gotten my E-pin. What next can I do? The bank staff is also not helping issues as they keep saying I should come the next day, this is really stressful. Sir please is there a way I can check on jamb portal by myself for the pin?

  12. if we check back on Monday and they don’t give us d pin pls what next???use anoda 5500naira to register in anoda place or the bank will refund our money?????!

  13. my name is FASOTO oluwabukunmi I have paid for my jamb to Skye bank in Akure since Monday 27 BT I haven’t received my pin on my gmail pls sir help tell jamb ooo to have mercy on me ooo

  14. since monday i paid the money @ zenithbank katsina but til now i did not see my e-pin what is the solution

  15. I have paid for my pin and still I havenr collected it.They keep saying jamb will send it to my mail but still they haven’t sent it.It has been two weeks now.Please what should I do?

  16. After reading lots of people comment,am so afraid of purchasing the form.But why are they all complaining about the E-Pin?

  17. Like how much will JAMB office pays their accredited centers for exams,
    because i want to upgrade my cybercafe and register it for JAMB EXAMS

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