Which Bank To Buy Jamb CBT Registration E-Pin? — 105 Comments

  1. Thomas john on said:

    Have seen my own epin how can I process it

  2. Isaiah happiness on said:

    Pls will I buy my jamb form first before getting my e-pin?

  3. Emmanuel olajide on said:

    i want to buy jamb but how much

  4. Adebisi M T on said:

    Can we register for jamp next week ?

  5. Isaac okonkwo on said:

    Can i still purshase a jamb form today wish is 25 febuary and were can i get it please i need help

  6. Segun on said:

    How much is jamb form

  7. emeka on said:

    I want to buy jamb but how much

    • Anonymous on said:

      how much the amonth?

  8. Bassey stella on said:

    Pls have banks started selling jamb form

  9. Omede yunusa on said:

    What about union can they approved for jamb because i really don’t know about them

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Pls where can I buy the jamb form?

    • Donaustin on said:

      Go to Jamb office, or better still any Jamb accredited registration centre

  11. vanessa jone on said:

    I was told jamb form is 8500

    • Golden Penuel on said:

      I heard that jamb form is 8500, so please i want to know how much is jamb form now?

    • Donaustin on said:

      It’s 5000

  12. Ezekiel olumide on said:

    Please does Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) accept two sittings for economics course?

  13. Zoo zoo on said:

    They said jamb is 3500 nd they are paying 4000
    naira why?

  14. Mohammed Zubairu Agasla on said:

    as for people whom register last year is it necessary for them to use the same ePIN

  15. Chika peter on said:

    Pls where can i buy the jamb form,am waiting for your reply, I want to buu today.

  16. LAWAN UJULU on said:

    Cybercafe can do it, just creat a Paga account

    • Anonymous on said:

      Is the national id card still needed for the jamb??

  17. Akumbur Tyonenge on said:

    Pls sir I do my payment with unity bank on 11/1/2019, my e pin was printed and giving to me but I have not yet received an SMS through my gmail acct pls what should I do sir

  18. Clint on said:

    They sent my E pin to my number
    is it normal?

  19. mbazu excel on said:

    pls sir I have registered my jamb but I have not gotten my e pin since, pls can I do.

  20. Jerry on said:

    Please sir notified me if 2019/2020 jamb form is available

  21. Awar Stephen terseer on said:

    can I get the jamb form on this month 10 from zennit bank

  22. Fauzi on said:

    Can someone use an email that has been used last year?

  23. Abraham Emmanuel on said:

    Please can i purchase the jamb form from CBT centers?

    • Anonymous on said:


  24. Anonymous on said:

    Please sir I want to buy jamb form but don’t know which bank to buy it from

  25. olamide on said:

    why zenith bank nt sell JAMB From

  26. olayinka on said:

    pls,how can i get my own form? I went to cbt center they said they were on strike.

  27. aarinade on said:

    hi,I went to access bank to get my pin after getting my profile code,nd I was told dier is a problem with my profile,he asked me to come back tomorrow to be refunded….how’s dt possible????plz reply m so anxious

    • otache samuel omenyi on said:

      which bank can I get jamb e-pin?

    • Anonymous on said:

      God help in Jesus name amen

    • thomas garba on said:

      that is why you need to check your detail b4 sending the message

  28. Tit on said:

    After purchasing the e-pin what is the next thing pls

  29. Rapheal josephine on said:

    What do I do nw…..should I still waiting

  30. Josephine on said:

    I went to union bank yesterday to purchased my form they ask me if I ave e-pin I told him no e say without the e-pin I would be able to purchased the form,I nw ask him how to get de e-pin e told me to send my full name to 55019 DAT their will text me back which I did he ask me again ave their text back to me I said no e say is network DAT their will reply back,I have been waiting still yesterday till nw no e-pin

    • Josephine on said:

      Same here it happened to me too

      • Anonymous on said:

        Which sim card are you using

    • Anonymous on said:

      Av u use d number to receive E-Pin b4????

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