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Jamb 2021 Candidates To Answer Different Questions — 21 Comments

  1. Ariyo josiah on said:

    can i study medicine with eng c6, maths b3, chem. B3, physics c4, bio. C6.

  2. peace akpan on said:

    pls sir, all there this 2020 question and answer, are they real?

  3. ambrose smith on said:

    pls, do jamb give different duration to different candidates?, like myself, my time was one hour twenty minutes.
    am worry n confuse, pls smn help me out

  4. Ella on said:

    Yea dats very tru …

  5. Esther on said:

    How can the set different questions and still give scores

  6. Timothy on said:

    Is jamb expo real

  7. emmanuel on said:

    on different state is the question different ?for example i logged in my reg number in another state and i registered in lagos will the question be different and will i still be able to answer dem?

  8. debby on said:

    how will dey mark the jamb,since it is 180 questions

  9. Ifeoluwa on said:

    Is jamb expo real

  10. Friday on said:

    If I want to study past questions which year will i start from

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Nice one

  12. angela paul on said:

    pls is it possible for sum1 that do not have idea for computer to write jamb?

  13. Happiness on said:

    Pls what’s the total score, for everything added together, all subjects

  14. Tawakalltu on said:

    You’re really doing a good job but d time is too short only 2hrs for 180 questions!

  15. Dbest2king on said:

    Hmmm,u Ar Doing A Great Job & Thanks 4 D Information.Well,4 Them 2 Set Different Questions 4 Each Batch Really Shows Dat D Question Will Be 4rm Past Question & Dis Method Wil Surely Be Helpful To Those Who Study Their Past Question Effectively

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