15 Stupid Mistakes That Are Killing Your GPA — 34 Comments

  1. June on said:

    Really interesting and educative .. thanks alot

  2. Glolyt on said:

    wow nice .1

  3. Alex on said:

    is it the same with poly

  4. Akiwowo opeyemi on said:

    Wow!! Really nice and cool

  5. Goodgrace on said:

    Hmmm,procrastination is one of my biggest challenge but next semester i’m going to be more serious,thankx alot

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Woooow nice one,noted

  7. Anonymous on said:

    From personal perspective, these are the exact mistakes youths of today face.Excellent points.

  8. charles selekeowei on said:

    nice one keep it up

  9. john dalugus on said:

    I thing is good

  10. Idunu on said:

    Very educative and interesting

  11. teslim on said:

    dahz gud keep t up

  12. Anonymous on said:

    dahz gud

  13. blessing on said:

    Nice one

  14. Anonymous on said:

    True talk

  15. paulosas on said:

    am an aspirant

  16. Martins Daniel on said:

    That’s just the truth, it’s good to know what/where you’re going/doing before starting

  17. tunde bay on said:

    It’s true.

  18. James on said:

    I meant gp of 3.8

  19. James on said:

    I’m currently in 200L first semester with a go of 3.8. Is it possible to graduate a first class?

  20. Anonymous on said:


  21. Victor sunday on said:

    I love this page so much.I wish all these student will listen and learn.TANX

  22. Faith on said:

    I love this, is ver inspiring

  23. Kingsley Chigekwu (Unn) on said:

    In the mouth of he who has understanding wisdom is found. Its really a word of advice to young people.

  24. Sheila on said:

    Very inspiring

  25. Saheed Soneye on said:

    Great article. I love all the points listed above.

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  26. presh on said:

    good job

    • Isaac Inegbenehi on said:

      Am glad you love it.

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