Full List Of Successful Candidates For NAF 2017 Out — 122 Comments

  1. Hello Isaac,
    You’re really doing a great job weldone.
    Just want to confirm from you do you exactly now when batch C will be release?
    Just being anxious.

  2. I thought the final day for each batch report to Kaduna is on that Sunday but its getting late for the result to be out pls what do you have to say about this

  3. My name are saviour martin Asogwa from Nsukka Enugu state plz if u see my name notify me 08101902136 [email protected] I pray that we will be successful in Jesus name Amen long live Nigeria air force and long live federal Republic of Nigeria good2go

  4. Will they release any other list cos my name is not there o,this my digit 08104106756 pls someone shd pls lemme no

  5. I’m savour martin Asogwa NAF105319 [email protected] from Enugu I check my name but is not there I thank God for those that are succeful I mean who find there name in the list congrat and a journey mercy to jaji Kaduna state Amen

  6. the list you said they realise were among the list they realise last week.. sports nd special forces… I don’t think that should b batch 10…pls keep us updated when batch 10 is out nd list is made up of…maybe names from different states. Thanks

  7. I hope the batch 10 is not the sport and special force o cos this batch 10 is taken too long o, Is there any hope that batch 10 will be release

  8. So happy my name is out,admin please kindly tell me where we are to report to and what and should we take along when going? Grateful

  9. Batch7 Ondo state no 266 is d logo,but I don’t know where we are to report and what should we bring along.allglorytoGod

  10. sir,
    there was some people who use to say the can help others those that didn’t see there names the will give you there numbers when you call them”the will ask you to send your credentials with your first page of your NAF page rigistiretion passport with red background through there Email at the end then the will ask you to send them MTN card 3,000 naira,; sir any help like that for sending money,, is this not 419

  11. Pls let me know if enugu list is out for people that is go to kaduna for final interview because I have try to check no way my name is Ozor Donald onyekachi 08131239394 or 07031673806 Pls NAF 2017143036

  12. will the relist any adamawa list in the 10th bacth?or is adamawa list in another bacth that i dont know apart from bacth A?

  13. I will fill very happy if my name appear in batch 10
    my name z marshal Anthony
    dis my naf 201733144
    pls if u come across my name for God sake pls u call me diz z my nomba 08167582106

  14. Good p.m sir, pls I have a strong hope in batch 10, therefore anytime it is being out you pls contact me on message or call on 08136920930 or mail me on; [email protected]
    Thanks, my name is Ini-ibehe Udeme Effiong

  15. i feel bad bcos i didnt pass the exams and i know i wrote the exam well, but letter on i find that i didnt pass. i really feAL BAD BUT I WILL RETRY NEXT TIME

  16. Hello Mr. Isaac, is it true that all applicants applied with NCE certificate have not been short listed at all?

  17. sir I think that there is no any list Bach 10 that will be out because I have Check there portal I didn’t see any list that well be out

  18. Please sir, was the air force recruitment camp in Jaji, kaduna State dismissed for any reason that the applicants will be called back on further notice or my brother is just trying to deceive all of us @ home. Because i never saw anything of such on tge news, please help me out? Thanks

  19. My brother resumed the camp on Sunday 14th of May 2017, and came back on 18th of May, 2017, just four (4) days after and he said all of them was sent back that they discovered some was having HIV, some ladies were with pregnancy and other irregularities, so they were taking through another medical tests and dismissed that they will all be called back. Its a month now and their is nothing coming up, thats why have risen to seek the truth. Please help sir. Thanks

  20. I’m so worried about the NAF results, I
    filled the form for NAF on 5th of June, 2017 and up till now I have not seen any SMS… Pls admin, are there still more list that are about to be released… If there is, pls contact me on this.. 08135543316… I will be glad…my mind is on it pls help a brother

  21. The batch 10 list that was just release my name is out for DSSC when is the screening date. please let me know

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