When Newly Admission Uniben Students Will Resume For 2020 — 6 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Hello, I just want know if other newly admitted student are having issues logining in with their new student id and password. Recently I notice I can’t use mine to login it keeps showing invalid crendentials am scared cos that was what I use in doing my online clearance now is not working. Pls I need respose. Thanks

  2. Kelly on said:

    Please when would uniben commence clearance for 2018

  3. AroKelvin on said:

    I believe those price are for those hostels within the school.
    Is there any hostels or building that cost 60k and below?

  4. Greg on said:

    Hello flash…i’ld like to b kept posted on the resumption date of uniben since a recent protest held,had annuled the initial resumption date.

  5. collins on said:

    Hey u av any idea of the average price of private hostels within uniben campus.

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