Top 60 Best Private Universities In Nigeria 2020 | Websites And Fees — 7 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Wow interesting

  2. frayance on said:

    i love this

  3. Micheal on said:

    Is it possible that after getting a scholarship in another school and you transfer to another university that the scholarship will still be valid?

    • Muyiwa OLUGOLA on said:

      It largely depends on the giver of the scholarship. If the school you apply to is the giver of the scholarship, you will lose it as you do the transfer but if it is given to you by an organisation, eg. ECOWAS. It is possible you may still retain the scholarship even if you move to another school. But then, many factors would be put into consideration before determining whether or not you will retain the scholarship. For example, security situation of the school, lack of necessary facilities required for the course of study etc., might have informed your decision to change from the first school…
      Muyiwa Michael Olugola.

  4. Anita Olawale on said:

    Hi, I’m a 100L student in a private university, is it possible to transfer to another private university for 200L program on scholarship

  5. Folasade olaoyenikan on said:

    We’re anxiously waiting for the jamb form, pls do something

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