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BEA Scholarship Result 2018 Updates And Ultimate Guide — 82 Comments

  1. Esther on said:

    Please is d 2019 bea schoolarship result out

  2. Anonymous on said:

    When will the result for 2019 BEA exam be released?

  3. Ibrahim Saidu on said:

    Please if my phone number was not complete how can I get my score? Can I get it by alternative number or through my email address?

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Me too oo…same case

  5. Richard on said:

    When likely the result will come out

  6. Kanu Benita on said:

    Pls is the result for 2019 out?

  7. Kanu Benita on said:

    I read that the verification for Nigerian award scholars has begun. Pls is this for everyone that went for the interview or just those for Nigerian award, cos mine is BEA award and I’m confused

  8. ifeoma okechukwu on said:

    pls ooo Issac flash, is the result for 2019 out???

  9. David on said:

    Guy we need update on wen d result will be released

  10. Ifeoma on said:

    I am qualified for the scholarship but my only problem is the age limit and I am 16 this year

    • Anonymous on said:

      Target is that you can do it

  11. Nelson on said:

    Please i just applied how can I know the venue of my interview 😭

  12. Michael on said:

    Pls what if I dont have waec result yet and I want to register for 2019 session or maybe my result is up to 4 years old….can I still apply without result yet hoping to rewrite by April 2019

  13. Ahmad on said:

    Last year by now some of us received their award but for this up to now there’s no new information why?

    • Big on said:

      some results have been released and some prople have traveled already.

      • Chibuka on said:

        Which countries

    • Hajara Muhammad on said:

      please what is the update on the undergraduate scholarship

      • omar bello on said:

        no any update yet

  14. Abba umat on said:

    Please have turkey call anyone if yes you should inform us

    • Mohammed on said:

      I hv been wanting to ask about turkey too..

  15. NICKELBACK on said:

    So from the above, it is glaring that the result for 2018 BEA scholarship is out an persons have received emails or text messages, i applied too and wrote the CBT in Asaba. Apparently i didnt ace it. All thanks to the most high, i can now get my mind off that and focus on other areas

  16. Living on said:

    Good evening. My younger sister was called that she passed and was nominated to study in Algeria. She’s has submitted all the requirements since last month. We haven’t heard anything till now.

  17. Abubakar Jiga on said:

    pls when FG scholarship for students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria will be out“ or they forget about us“

  18. Joel Godslenity on said:

    Pls when will Bea result will be out?

    • Anonymous on said:

      They don’t release results.. successful candidates would be called or texted..

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