BEA Scholarship Result 2017 Updates And Ultimate Guide — 30 Comments

  1. I equally received my letter of offer on 10th August and have since signed the acceptance letter and forward same to my DSA, Bauchi State University since 14th August but am yet to receive alert. do you have an idea as to when the monies will be paid?

  2. I received my letter of award for the federal undergraduate scholarship Award 2015/2016 via the students’ Affairs office of my school, LASU last week 23rd August 2017. We are expected to send the letter back to Abuja after filling a form attached to be signed by the HOD and Dean of the faculty after which we are expected to get it signed it at the court by a commission er of oath along with a passport photograph signed on by the commissioner of oath. It will then be returned via a courier service to the address of the director , federal scholarship board at Abuja.

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