Apply For Federal Government (FG) BEA Scholarships For 2020 — 246 Comments

  1. Hello pls I had seven distinction 1A and 6bs…I’m 20years old at the moment and I’m applying for an undergraduate degree, I check earlier on a site and it shows that I can attend the interview at nearest place next to me, regardless of my state of origin… pls I need help on whether I’m eligible for the scholarship and also if it’s true that I can attend the interview here in Lagos state, originally I’m from anambara state

  2. Pls where is the venue for port harcourt centre. My exam is tomorrow. I cannot access the website for my centre. Thanks

  3. Can I apply with dis result
    Maths B3
    English B3
    Chemistry B3
    Physics C6
    Biology C6
    Civic B2
    Economics C6
    Food and nutrition B3
    Painting and decoration C6

  4. Please what is the nomination interview date for federal government bilateral scholarship for those who chose imo state as their centre

  5. Please I have registered but I put my prefared country as Canada. . Please reply me I want to know if there is any mistakes. .in country selection and also after the registration will they email you that you are qualified for the interview?

    • Yes please sir we need an answer….can we still use 2016 waec results to apply,but I applied since last year December….I’m very confused and seriously need to get this scholarship……please I need a reply sir..thanks

  6. Please I wrote my WAEC in the year 2016, isn’t there any chance for me to apply? Is what they need not my brain?

  7. I want to apply too as an undergraduate I have
    Maths B3
    English B3
    Govt B3
    Econs C5
    CRK B3
    Civic B2
    Tourism B2
    Efik A1

  8. Good evening. Please, I would like to be updated with necessary information about this Scholarship scheme. I’m more than interested in it.

  9. I am interested in this Federal Government (FG) BEA scholarship. How can I apply and the needed requirements.

  10. sir am an undergraduate student and I i apply for bea scholarship and i choose China as my field of study would they take me

  11. Your website didn’t inform people of the change in venue, some of us from the south south travelled. To bayelsa on reaching there the venue has be changed to delta. But you have not reported this news. Please tell people about it. Thanks.

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