Apply For Federal Government (FG) BEA Scholarships For 2020 — 246 Comments

  1. But where do i source for the form…if online,which site. If by hand, where because I’ve got my requirements ready.
    Thanks for your quick response Isaac.

  2. Goodevening Isaac,thank you for creating this medium of communication.
    Please i just got an admission for a Masters program in China on 18th of this April and was initially discouraged by the tuition fees. But gained confidence having learnt about BEA Scholarship.
    Now do I stand any chance to apply/obtain this scholarship to fund my studies in China given the concluded BEA interviews. I wish I could speak to you one one about this because i was contemplating on going to see the minister in Abuja one on one from Portharcourt. Am supposed to make a deposit before 30th of this month to the school to be accompanied by the acceptance offer but I pleaded with the director of studies to give me more time to source for financial aid as an international student.

    • Congratulations!

      Sure, you stand a chance. All you need now is to check the full requirements and follow the guidelines.

      In addition, try as much as possible to ensure that you secure your admission to study in China with or without scholarship.

  3. hello Isaac good Morning, how is work/friends and family please i will like to ask you that when are they going to realize the results and i am gratefully to tell you i am successful candidate bcs i already been screening’interviews and even examination as usual your reply is abundantly welcome

  4. Which Scholarship do u knw Sir-Dat Can Be Applied By Some1 in a polytechnic..Some1 i knw too well seems interested-I told him i dnt knw of any

  5. I didn’t know o this till now I checked my result …I have Waec result of 2016 , will it be eligible to apply for next yr?

  6. or which month do you think I will come?? at least just like last years own which month did it get to the participants

  7. Good afternoon. Please how are we to know when the BEA result is coming out, and how can one check his/her result? Thank you.

  8. please sir I had 5b’s but c in both English and maths. Do I still have a chance of winning the scholarship?

  9. I want to study psychology, is there any scholarship home and abroad I can still apply for? My result is 4years old wrote my GCE wen I was in ss2 n my chemistry was cancelled (Waec)

  10. Please i have applied for the BEA Schorlarship 2017 and i went to the interview and i see that the result will be out on friday 17 march 2017. Up till now i did not heard about the results. please is it only the selected candidates that will Be contacted?.

  11. I got 4
    4 A’S and 4’B in my waec 2012..but i graduated from school with 4.34..I want to apply for the undergraduate scholarship next year when I finish service.will my waec result count since the BsC result is good.or should I take another waec or GCE.

  12. Good morning. How do u know if you are eligible, I mean how do I know if am suppose to be in the interview.. Thanks

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