Guide On Big Brother Naija Audition Date And Requirements — 550 Comments

  1. I really wish to be in bbn house even if I don’t have the money no problem I just want to be a part of it please

  2. when will big brother start I have been waiting for the past 3 months
    all I see is the reunion on channel 154
    I am still waiting bc I keep staring at channel 198 as if bb will be aired


  3. Big brother organisers be straight forward people , remember you said it will kick off from 27Feb 2019 now i can’t keep off my eyes from the channel just to see channel is closed you will be stuck on your tv, a beg do something oga.from kenya

  4. I wish they can bring back Big brother Africa because its more interesting more than the others, housemates do obey big brother’s rules and they try by all means to represent their countries well

  5. Big Brother Naija TV series is such an Ostentatious and amazing epoch reality show which i derive so much joy in watching. I just do hope that this fourth season would be another mind blowing and well entertainable compared to the previous seasons.

    Although the suspense for the commencement of the show has thus far kept many people uncomfortable, even when we’re still patiently awaiting for the appropriate date for the kick start of it.

    Yet i also wonder what would actually be the theme of this season.😁😁😁
    “Big Ups”✌ to #BBN!

  6. Bigy I love ur voice especially when u say this is big brother housemates freeze I whish I was a Nigerian so that I can enter to but unfortunately am a Namibian love u bigy keep on going season to question is when is big brother starting? coz I can’t wait.

  7. i want big brother 😢😢😢 i also keep turning on channel 198 but still guy’s, this year pls we want drama drama drama woooo we’re tired of seeing lazy ppl who sleep through the day out and pls biggy give the housemate a gym instructor i beg

  8. Owaaaaaa,thanks,at least sinned has given some light of starting at June,I’ve been pipping on channel198 every minute to see whether its started,I can now rest my mind till June,a big fan from Kenya.

  9. The best big brother Nigeria was the first one, Remember Francesca, Ebuka, Ichemeta, Joan, Chinedu, ifi, katung, and many entertaining characters, we had good dancers, jockers, players cheaters.

  10. OMG, this show keeps me on my toes. I love everything about big brother.can’t wait to see the new housemates with more drama .

  11. Big brother will start in june, the house is seriously under construction,it is airing from naija for the first time. Be patient and watch out bcos it will air soon with a big bang.

  12. Big brother will come very soon auditions are concluded and the house is almost ready to accommodate the housemates.

  13. i think the problem is with the house since its in Nigeria i feel the are still working on the house meaning it might start in late April or early May 19

  14. Tired of waiting for bbnaija 2019 is there a problem

  15. I am waiting no sleep
    Biggy might let the housemates in by midnight. Big brother and Ebuka are very tricky.

  16. From Namibia,We know it was April fools day so you guys fooled us,so that day is over can you guys just tell us when big brother naija 2019 is going to start please. We are so tired of waiting. Thanks for your time😇😇.

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