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  1. Pls sir, when PayPal in Nigeria is restricted in receiving money in Nigeria and many of online payments were using PayPal for their payment method to pay their clients. Is it international PayPal account will be needed for the transaction or is there any other means of receiving money apart from PayPal?
    Kindly explain, I will be looking forward for your feedback. Thanks…

  2. Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.
    The above is what is displaying after I tried several cards. Thanks

  3. I have a GT Debit Card and am trying to link it, but it was rejected.

    Note: The site is requesting me of a Credit Card.

  4. This is a great blog. opening a PayPal account had been my worry. l have tried to open one before but not successful. this article hopes good but the sad part is the fact that receiving money in Nigeria through PayPal is not allowed. The big question here is, aren’t there alternative for PayPal? Someone should please help me with answer(s)

  5. Pls I’m trying to link my gtb Naira MasterCard to my PayPal account, but it keeps rejecting the card. What will I do? Thanks

    • Ensure you have little funds on the card. If it doesn’t work still, call your bank to activate your card for international transactions.

  6. Thanks sir for your effort, please i tried to register but i am having issue with the state, what it’s showing me there is USA states and nigeria, please what do i do?
    I really need this paypal sir.

  7. Please am trying to open a PayPal account and they are asking me of my state how can I go about that bcoz the states listed their are not in Nigeria old what can I do

  8. Please must the address in my linked bank account be the same with the address I will put when filling the PayPal reg. Form.

  9. How do i include my city and the code while opening a paypal account?
    please reply.


    i reside at ogun state

  10. Which means I can now receive money with my PayPal account, cos I used it to purchase something online successfully.

  11. This post and comments has been very useful. Thanks. Can I make payments for visa fee and other online transactions using my PayPal?

  12. Does this mean that in order to receive payment from my paypal account here in Nigeria, i have to have a domiciliary account and link it?

  13. Hello, thanks for the post.
    I just opened a US PayPal acct here in Nigeria, but I haven’t linked my bank with it.
    I want to know if its possible to use my Nigerian master card to link it, or a Nigerian domiciliary acct.

    Or do I just use payoneer?
    Should increase I use payoneer, how can i receive the money to my Nigerian acct. Help pls.
    Its urgent.
    Thank you!

  14. I’m signing up with a platform that only pays via PayPal but it seems PayPal doesn’t allow one to receive payments on Nigeria. Should I just quit signing up or is there any other alternative?

  15. Please, can someone receive money into PayPal account from survey company and use the money to purchase things online? or is this not possible?

  16. u see but the sad news is that paypal doesnt allow nigerians to accept payment. we can only make payments.

    i guess the back door method is still the way

  17. please help me out have been trying to signup but its asking me to type my date of birth as their format but no format displayed guys pls help me out

  18. Hello sir, am Bartholomew Uhaegbu I want to transfer some money from my account to padre guardian angel massager please thanks

  19. I am not sure,.. but looking at the PayPal accepted country info,.. you will see send and receive,… You can’t withdraw. So am trying to do a review on that.

  20. I tried linking my diamond credit card, but its giving me same response with the rest.
    Do i need a dollar acct to successfully link it?

    And do you have any idea when PayPal would would start letting Nigerians receive money ?

  21. Due to the foreign transaction ban, our cards are useless, it can’t work on paypal.
    Unless you open a dollar account for this purpose.

  22. gud day i tried to link or add my mastercard to my paypal account but it is showing ‘This card is not accepted. Please use a different card’. pls what do you think i should do? meanwhile this is a mastercard i just applied for some few days back just because of this purpose since my verve card cannot perform the duty

  23. (Check your card details and try again).These is the response i got when i tried linking my GT Bank Master card with my Papal Account. Was yours a Dollar Card?

  24. I tried creating a pay pal account with my verve card but the response I get is,”this card is not accepted “.
    And funny enough this card is still intact not yet expired,all code and information correctly entered

      • I have a Dollar account but the acct has a USD Debit card not a credit card and i tried that too, its still giving the response ” this card is not accepted, try another card” what is to be done???

      • Hello sir, if I open a PayPal in Nigeria and if someone is sending fund to it from Europe, during the transfer will it show Nigeria to the sender or USA… because I noticed even the Nigerian PayPal still deals with USD

  25. Hi, Thanks for the write up,this only explains how we can make payment using PayPal but I will like to know if I can use PayPal as a means of receiving payments on my website here in Nigeria, if the answer is Yes then I will appreciate it if you can explain how to go about it. Cheers!

  26. Hi.. you have a great blog and you’ve done a great Job.

    Im also in Benin so just wondering if we can meet.

    I want to use PayPal to pay for stuff but I can’t seem to figure it out.

    Can you help me pay for it and then I pay you in cash ?

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