How To Open And Verify PayPal Account In Nigeria — 85 Comments

  1. i tried creating a paypal account here in nigeria but the country code am seeing is not nigeria so they keep rejecting my phone number. pls what should i do

  2. Emmanuella on said:

    I am having problem in filling the phone number column
    It’s showing me +1 and when I filled my number ,I didn’t receive any code…. please I need ur help

  3. Moses on said:

    Pls sir, when PayPal in Nigeria is restricted in receiving money in Nigeria and many of online payments were using PayPal for their payment method to pay their clients. Is it international PayPal account will be needed for the transaction or is there any other means of receiving money apart from PayPal?
    Kindly explain, I will be looking forward for your feedback. Thanks…

  4. Milton on said:

    Your card was declined by the issuing bank. Please try a different card or contact your card issuer with questions.
    The above is what is displaying after I tried several cards. Thanks

    • Soneye Saheed on said:

      Try a Visa card.

  5. IG: Gv Connect on said:

    Please how can I get email that is not Gmail or yahoo mail.? Please help sir.?

    • Soneye Saheed on said:

      What type of mail and what do you want to use it for?

  6. Abiodun Ologun on said:

    Well, you can also use paystack to receive money now in Nigeria from any part of the world.

  7. Ndifreke Emmanuel on said:

    Hello Boss,

    Please how can i create a payza account in Nigeria?

  8. JOE on said:

    I have a GT Debit Card and am trying to link it, but it was rejected.

    Note: The site is requesting me of a Credit Card.

  9. James on said:

    This is a great blog. opening a PayPal account had been my worry. l have tried to open one before but not successful. this article hopes good but the sad part is the fact that receiving money in Nigeria through PayPal is not allowed. The big question here is, aren’t there alternative for PayPal? Someone should please help me with answer(s)

    • Umar farouq on said:

      Try Payoneer

  10. Mimi on said:

    Hope i can receive payments and withdraw too? Thanks

  11. Mason on said:

    Can I receive money this way?

  12. juliana, lagos on said:

    wonderful blog. pls how do I go about payooner so I can receive money for my ebooks

  13. Andy man on said:

    Pls I’m trying to link my gtb Naira MasterCard to my PayPal account, but it keeps rejecting the card. What will I do? Thanks

    • twhyte77 on said:

      Ensure you have little funds on the card. If it doesn’t work still, call your bank to activate your card for international transactions.

  14. LuckyManJJ on said:

    I just linked my gtb naira master card and it was linked instantly.

    • Sim-Tech on said:

      guy how did you do it plss did you use paypal app or website my own refuse ooo

  15. Madueke on said:

    Thanks sir for your effort, please i tried to register but i am having issue with the state, what it’s showing me there is USA states and nigeria, please what do i do?
    I really need this paypal sir.

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