1. Questions are timed; observe and follow the timings.
  2. You will be given instructions and examples; follow them and don’t do your own
  3. Time management is important, think and answer questions within the limited time.
  4. Cross-check your spelling and grammar
  5. You must not understand everything, try to pick out what you can in every section.
  6. Review the example answer if one is provided in the Reading section.
  7. Don’t just write, plan your writing in your mind before putting them down.
  8. Allow plenty of time to review your essay question and check your work.
  9. During the spoken part, ensure to make eye contact with the examiner as you speak.
  10. Don’t just tell the examiner “yes” or “no”, provide a little more detail.
  11. Listen to recordings properly and focus on the part currently being played.
  12. Write above the minimum amount of words needed but don’t use unnecessary work.

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