Jamb 2017 Results For Those Who Wrote On Monday And Tuesday — 99 Comments

  1. I tried to check my caps and I saw no admission given . So I just tried to check my jamb result and to my surprise I saw ” you did not register for this examination “. I don’t understand. I can’t find my result anywhere. I score 220. And I have no idea what is going on

  2. Please i have not gotten any text from jamb for the people that will rewrite the exam but some have seen theirs. Please am afraid sir

  3. Please i sat for jamb on monday 15th May and the result came out. I checked it and printed it within 19th May. Yesterday i tried checking it again and they are telling me no result yet for me. Please what is the issue

  4. I wrote mine on Tuesday being 16th may , since then i ‘ve not see my result plz help me out, my result is not yet out, pls help me the result is coursing a big problem between my parents and I

  5. I saw some persons own that have been delayed ar out, but I check my own now, still you do not have any result yet.. Admin pls will it still come out

  6. please up till now I have not seen my JAMB results, I wrote on Monday 15th ..”you do not have any result yet”

  7. I wrote jamb on the 15th of May. Till now they have not released my result.I have gone to the center to confirm if anything was wrong with their server, they said no. Kindly assist.

  8. I wrote my jamb on Monday15 and since then that have been trying to check it is written no result found yet for this candidate pls what shud I do

  9. my result is not yet out, I wrote mine on Tuesday being 16th may , since then i ‘ve not see my result plz help me out

  10. I wrote my exam on Monday by 7am at kemade highflyers till now it still no result yet,pls sir can u explain wats goin on its almost two weeks now

  11. I wrote my exam on Monday 15th ave not seen my result pls jamb should release my result I don’t involve in any malpractice I don’t know y dey ave not release it pls help me

  12. Pls I wrote on Tuesday by 9am till have not seen my result till naw I wrote at igbariam aguleri at odimageu ojukwu campus pls help me ohh My parents are asking me for my result

  13. What is wrong with jamb i wrote mine on saturday 13 of may and i have not seen my results.what is happening

  14. I wrote on tuesday 16 by 7am at paragon city light college, iwofe.. Wen I submit, it was showin me network problem.. Before I no it, all d systems in d hall close nd went back to sign in.. I even av more time, wen we ask dem wot is d problem, dey told us it submitted by itself… Pls do I still av hope dat it will cum out…

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