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Jamb Chemistry CBT Practice Quiz (2021 Prep) — 69 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:


  2. Adebayo kayode on said:

    Pls i need an update jamb news i beg,any information abt next comming jamb??

  3. Dammy on said:

    Answers to some questions are wrong🤔

    • You can draft them out let’s discuss. Questions on the quiz are regularly reviewed and more questions are being added to.

      • Adebayo kayode on said:


  4. God's son. on said:

    Happy. Sir,radon is 4 d treatment of cancer and not argon. Argon is used in gas-filled electric lamp.

  5. Anonymous on said:


  6. Anonymous on said:

    I am extremely happy and excited.I really appreciate sir,thank you.

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I am sad,sir,pls check no:.12.p1v1/t1=p2v2/t2,the ans is 342 .5

  8. Anonymous on said:


  9. Da ni elle on said:

    This is very helpful.Tnxz a lot…

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