Jamb Government Online CBT Practice — 79 Comments

  1. Samuel Ogamu on said:


    • Avro Chan Jossy on said:

      Theatre Arts.

  2. Avro Chan Jossy on said:

    It’s really bonum,I love this site.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Please, I had 212 in my UTME examination and my preferred school is UI.Any hope…..?

  3. Emmanuel on said:

    I Love This Site

  4. Austin on said:

    Awesome site…… It’s making sense

    please can someone explain what really the work of the Ajele in the old oyo empire is

    • Emmanuel on said:

      Go And Google It

  5. Smasher Sunday Austin on said:

    This is awesome, am very very excited.

  6. Anonymous on said:

    I really love this site, it is very educative

  7. Ayoola Tommy on said:

    Please explain the type of law made by militants

  8. aderayo on said:

    i love it it sweet site

  9. motunrayo on said:

    i love it it sweet site

  10. motunrayo on said:

    i love

  11. Davidamos on said:

    Ilove this web site thanks so much I hope it comes out for the 2020 jamb

  12. omolade on said:

    i like this site it makes me to know my ability
    thank’s sir

  13. juanita on said:

    Wow i rili love this site

  14. idris yakubu on said:

    so sweet site

  15. Sarah.o on said:

    Words can’t express my gratitude to you mr Isaac for creating this exciting site thumbs up to you…….God bless you…..keep it up.

  16. Festus Adebowale on said:

    Thank you so much its an excellent an question
    It’s helping

  17. Anonymous on said:

    I !ove this site it has helped me greatly

  18. prosper ocheche on said:

    This is really nice, at least it helps me to know my performance

  19. Oladeji Joshua on said:

    This is a fantastic, excellent, superb, brilliant, laudable, commendable and best ever site. Thank you very much sir, more power to your elbow.

  20. yemolee on said:

    I love it

  21. maryprecious on said:

    thank you sir,this site is really helpful

  22. Semachiah Linus on said:

    Much thanks to you Sir. This is more of a generousity and clear love for success. Thank you. I earned alot here on your site. I will have to follow up often, here, on the gram and Facebook. Thanks

  23. process on said:

    nice one

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