Jamb Government Online CBT Practice (2021 Prep) — 86 Comments

  1. Peculiar on said:

    Did i misplace, why i no see this site since, its actually so lovely with the detailed explanation, you are doing well, keep the good work going, endless wow keeps coming out of my mouth

  2. Blessing Ayubanoah on said:

    Wow this great question and am sure this quiz has help me a lot and I will like this page to Change question so that this will cover topic by topic so it can help jamb candidate thanks

  3. Anonymous on said:

    chicago for u

  4. Oluwademilade on said:

    Wow diz page is gr8,it elps alot and i can say it is still beta dan reading d past question, i ❤ diz page

  5. Idowu olabode on said:

    I really love dis. site, now i know my ability

  6. Samuel Ogamu on said:


    • Avro Chan Jossy on said:

      Theatre Arts.

  7. Avro Chan Jossy on said:

    It’s really bonum,I love this site.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Please, I had 212 in my UTME examination and my preferred school is UI.Any hope…..?

  8. Emmanuel on said:

    I Love This Site

  9. Austin on said:

    Awesome site…… It’s making sense

    please can someone explain what really the work of the Ajele in the old oyo empire is

    • Emmanuel on said:

      Go And Google It

  10. Smasher Sunday Austin on said:

    This is awesome, am very very excited.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    I really love this site, it is very educative

  12. Ayoola Tommy on said:

    Please explain the type of law made by militants

  13. aderayo on said:

    i love it it sweet site

  14. motunrayo on said:

    i love it it sweet site

  15. motunrayo on said:

    i love

  16. Davidamos on said:

    Ilove this web site thanks so much I hope it comes out for the 2020 jamb

  17. omolade on said:

    i like this site it makes me to know my ability
    thank’s sir

  18. juanita on said:

    Wow i rili love this site

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