What To Do When Jamb Says You Do Not Have Any Result Yet — 126 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Am hamza sir I did my jamb registration in your center and I did my exam seen 21 of the month but my result is not released of to now I’m try to check my result seen that day but didn’t released it

  2. Abba Joy on said:


    • Gaius on said:

      Excuse me,I am a 2021 candidate please I wanted to ask if you have seen yours 2019.because I am also experiencing that

  3. Sharon Gabrielle on said:

    I still have seen my result yet till now o
    I sent result to 55019 and check online but it’s not there

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I have not see my result why

  5. Anonymous on said:

    pls we are dying for not releasing our results since and what is the course for that

  6. Rhoda on said:

    Pls sir i wrote my exam on the 12 and i used mouse so when i finished it i didn’t see submit button so i clicked on end exam pls sir what does that end exam mean?

  7. Gideon on said:

    my result not yet why na

  8. Gideon on said:

    12 Monday I have never seen my result yet

  9. Horpelyemie on said:

    I wrote jamb on Wednesday and hv not see my result, my friends that we did it the same day, the same center but different number has seen its own result pls help me out am worried

  10. precious on said:

    pls till now I have not seen my result WHY?

  11. glory on said:

    Thanks 4 ur kind words really appreciate,wuld let u knw wen i see mine,wrote since 13th tho

  12. Gloria osemen Agbai on said:

    I need help ooo I wrote my jamb on the 10th of march around 1:30..until now have not seen my result anytime I check they keep telling me you have no result yet and when I try more than two times they keep telling me u did not register for this exam please was going on ?

  13. Abesin Adijat abiola on said:

    I wrote jamb on Monday at ibefun but the result is not out yet pls sir I need help

  14. Agha Assumpta on said:

    sir..I wrote my jamb on Saturday at Grafil center awka..I checked my result but jamb was telling me that I didn’t write d jamb…pls I need help right noe

  15. Akinduro folashade on said:

    Sir I wrote my exam last week Saturday I haven’t see my result my parents are curious about it I could not sleep…. I hope they will release it

    • Anonymous on said:

      they will surely release it
      I’m in the same condition too

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