What To Do When Jamb Says You Do Not Have Any Result Yet — 123 Comments

  1. I still have seen my result yet till now o
    I sent result to 55019 and check online but it’s not there

  2. Pls sir i wrote my exam on the 12 and i used mouse so when i finished it i didn’t see submit button so i clicked on end exam pls sir what does that end exam mean?

  3. I wrote jamb on Wednesday and hv not see my result, my friends that we did it the same day, the same center but different number has seen its own result pls help me out am worried

  4. I need help ooo I wrote my jamb on the 10th of march around 1:30..until now have not seen my result anytime I check they keep telling me you have no result yet and when I try more than two times they keep telling me u did not register for this exam please was going on ?

  5. sir..I wrote my jamb on Saturday at Grafil center awka..I checked my result but jamb was telling me that I didn’t write d jamb…pls I need help right noe

  6. Sir I wrote my exam last week Saturday I haven’t see my result my parents are curious about it I could not sleep…. I hope they will release it

  7. Good morning sir, please check my result and see you did not register for this exam what should I do

  8. pls, i wrote my 2018jamb examination on monday being 9th march,2018 but i have not see my result why?

  9. I wrote my exam on Sat afternoon. I’ve been trying to check it but it is saying no result yet.
    what can you pls say is the problem

  10. God,pls help o I wrote last week Friday In a quite centre,we wrote the exam without any malpractice but am checking it now and they are telling me that my result has been cancelled for misconduct… I don’t know what to do o

  11. I sat for d exam on Saturday10th march 2018 nd since, then I haven’t seen my result, it’s response is u don’t have a result yet.pls sir help me.

  12. My result is out since ND I hv print it out bt my surprise I checked it yesterday ND dey said Dat I did nt register for dis exam dnt understand how bt want does Dat means


  14. Sir
             I write in honour of the above subject matter, I obtained a Post-Utme pin and tried login into University of Calabar portal but was told my reg. Number wasn’t in their portal([email protected], 75310606JH), I checked jamb but said “result cancelled for misconduct” although that same result I printed last month, used for Nigerian Police Academy examination in police Detective College, Enugu.
         I plead to you to restore my jamb result 75310606JH, it really hurts the frustrations, stress and suffering registering the jamb, it really hurts so much. Please help me this is too much to bear.

    Ikema Emmanuel Chigozie
    [email protected]

  15. I wrote on May 16 up till now I haven’t seen my result. Please jamb have pity on us and release our results.

  16. I am yet to see my own result even after the 1 july exam ooooo!!!!, Pls jamb and federal government do something about it ooooo!!!.

  17. I wrote supplementary jamb…..wats wrong again up til today its not out…..isn’t it 24hours or 72hours duration anymore……or has it been changed to a month

  18. please oo i have not seen my result since 16th of may.what is happening jamb should help me o all they say is you do not have result furstrated.sir please help me.

  19. I think for those who saw their results before,and can’t find it anymore,ur data might have been erased,and it may mean dat u’ll have to sit for the exam again on the 1st….i guess

  20. i hv seen and printed my result before bt i rechecked it yesterday only to see u do not hv any result yet.
    wat does dat mean ,am confused

  21. Check mine… Xterday night
    Same error message and to my surprise while rechecking it this morning…
    I saw my result and it is a very satisfying one…
    Just that my mind keep telling me jamb deducted marks from my Subjects aside physics
    This is better than not seeing it @ all
    And am very very happy
    Now my parents and I can sleep without worrying about my jamb result

    Scored 244

  22. plz sir am so much worked for one month now no result yet uptill now, plz sir if we can rewrite it let dem call for our attention diz is wickedness and now changing if cause form is out wat can I do plz sir .

  23. Place Isaac I wrote my jamb since may Wednesday 18 but haven’t seen my result yet I use to check every day but always one sentence no result yet

  24. sir I wrote my exam on 16th may by 9am, i went all the way from lagos state to ilaro poly in Ogun state and up till today the portal keep telling me that I do not have any result yet,please am so confused,there is nothing like malpractice at the center, pls what do I need to do cuz am so frustrated or has my result been canceled?

  25. Pls wat did jamb still saying about our jamb result nw cu’s am field up or day we nt realised it again

  26. I wrote my jamb examination since on the 16th May up till this moment I havnt seen my result, when ever I check it keeps on saying that you do not have result yet. Pls what’s the actual issue for God sake!! Am really worried.

  27. this is 3week i dont seen my result please what happen becouse i dont how i can plan for institution

  28. We were the first set that wrote this exam in unibright computer center if any exam malpractice was done not in the room that I sat for the exam so please they should find out from our super visour Mrs Janet who works in jamb office calabar and Mr math the owner of that center please, cause is painful after all the shuffling and pains we went through the rain dropping on ours,we splet outside the school premisses left without exam that day coming back on Monday which massage came to ours on Monday from jamb that we should repo on 11:am.please help


  30. thank you sir for your words of encouragement am really impressed. am Ani patience i wrote mine on 13th may but i have not seen my result up till now. could it be that it has been cancelled? am really scared.

  31. sir,since on wednesday 17th may until today 2nd june ‘NO RESULT YET’my mum is realy worried let nt talk of my dad ,pls sir dey shud do sthing abt it

  32. I wrote mine on the 19th of may..and have been checking it but it’s saying you do not have a result yet…till now please am worried…will it be out or are we going to re-take I want to know sir

  33. please help me I wrote my exam since 15 may 2017 I have not seen my result since then please help me

  34. No result yet is what I keep getting every time.. even my bro is now doubting me thinking I don’t want to show him my score and my friends keeps asking and I have to send them all my reg no to check for me every day.. nah wah oo ???

  35. We were the first to write this exam and i have not seen like almost every at my center..that what I heard from the few I can contact please do something this country so not be facing such issues any more we should have pass those

  36. I rote mine on da first day and I haven’t still see mine please you guys should do something about it just imagine since on Saturday 8th till now

  37. Good day sir,I wrote mine on 18th of may and hasn’t seen my own up till today been 27th,but I never loose hope I believe God can do all things!

  38. It may be because you fail to answer 10 question for each subject (minimum requirement) on your system.

  39. Am nt happy because no body help me in DE hall den why are they still holding my future or don they know that results is my future. Pls. So many of my friends who where help in the hall hav see Dia results.

  40. omg am going crazy, since 17 may 2017 i sat for my exam till now haven’t seen any result, it keep telling me no result yet out any time i checked it ,pls what should i do people

  41. pls I haven’t seen my result since on monday 15 may till today 25 may my result is not yet release pls help me o

  42. Did mine on Thursday 18th of May @ Whitehall college Agege…still same error message
    But keeping my hope high till I comes out

    Thanks bro

  43. sir have login still u don’t have any result yet since Monday even am on jamb portal now now. my parents are just talking since Monday.

  44. Thanks for ur advice and words of encouragement i wrote since on monda15 by 7am but i have not see mine yet is really giving me a lot of pressure

  45. I have the same problem and I wrote on monday 15th by 1:30pm till now I have not seen my result yet…..YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY RESULT YET that is the reply am always getting. .thanks for your courage,not gonna lose hope

  46. Thanks so much for this useful info…but sir,I wrote my utme exam oon Wednesday 17 may and I haven’t seen my on still on Monday 22 may..hope it not that I some issues?..

  47. thank you very much for your couregious info bcuz am also having same problem but sir if you dont mind me getting yor contact for more update

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