How To Open A GTBank Student Account In Nigeria — 26 Comments

  1. Onoh Daniel on said:

    I want to open an account

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Am 17
    Can I open?
    Can I use my waec id

    • Scam on said:

      I think the account is meant for undergraduates only……if you are, you’d need your admission letter and National ID card

  3. Ayomide on said:

    I want to open account

  4. Darius on said:

    can I use the original jamb result slip as means of ID
    coz it has all my details.

  5. ola on said:

    how much can I have to open student acct…

    • Ayomide on said:

      i want to create student account nw but i dnt have school id or wat

  6. Daniel on said:

    Please how much can be deposited into a student account a day?

  7. Anonymous on said:

    The maximum limit is 100k

  8. Adegboye on said:

    What is the meaning of eligibility slip

    • It’s a slip that shows that you are admitted to a University. You can use the slip to prove your admission until your school issues ID Card.

  9. Anointing on said:

    Can I use Waec ID card??

  10. tonia on said:

    my school Dont have id for students what can I use

  11. peace adeyemo on said:


  12. Olalekan Timileyin on said:

    Can I Use My Waec Id

    • TheFamousHalifornian on said:

      yes you can

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Can i use my waec I’d?

  14. Jane on said:

    Actually, it’s 16 and above

  15. Adewale taye on said:

    How much is the maximum amount that student could deposit into his/her account?

  16. Abel on said:

    I am 17 years, can I open?

    • Mark on said:

      I think it is 18 and above

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