Flashlearners Jamb Literature Questions Online — 29 Comments

  1. Amanda on said:

    Some of these answers aint correct

  2. Sarah.o on said:

    Number 13 was correct … come I was marked wrong
    Isn’t alliteration the constant repetition of consonant sound in a line of a poem
    And besides the literature questions are outdated

  3. zoezoe primery on said:

    the answers to some question is right but u marked me wrong

  4. Favour on said:

    Diz platform has really created a get zeal for us to learn more n knw more,thanks

  5. Damilare on said:


  6. Damilare on said:

    I don’t know whats wrong ,
    behold ,
    after i finished the whole question the quiz started all over again
    pls help us make amendment.

  7. Damilare on said:

    thanks for opening this forumn
    it is really of help
    thanks again.

  8. peace on said:

    I need more good question

  9. peace on said:

    thanks for that but I can I know my correction

  10. Adeleye usman on said:

    thanks but we don’t see our it finu after we done finished

  11. Shegiro on said:

    The question are outdated pls

    • Questions can never be outdated. Besides, we are adding more questions. Thank you.

  12. Smart patience on said:

    Pls i need question and answer for law particularly pls

  13. destiny Chinedu on said:

    can you please improve on your question settings, this will help to build a great passion and zeal in us.



  15. abigail on said:

    some questions here are not part of the syllabus sir

  16. Akujobi George on said:

    Set question from the new literature texts

  17. charity A Okilo on said:

    wow was lost but now am found knowing this forum

  18. ekeh victor on said:

    The questions are kind of anachronistic

  19. ekeh victor on said:

    Exactly. Let’s compete,it would be great

  20. love obike on said:

    i need question under thetere art subject

    • Anonymous on said:


  21. berrybella akpabio on said:

    datz gud bro


    Thanks for opening this program it has really help a lot but can you do anything like a competition. Thanks once again.

  23. Great future 22 on said:

    The questions are outdated, please set questions from the new literature jamb syllabus

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