How To Resolve And Avoid Cases Of Invalid E-Pins In JAMB Registration — 15 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I have been given jamb pin instead of DE pin what can I do about it?

  2. Adebayo on said:

    please I have a challenge in generating my pin. money was deducted but no pin is provided… I went to bank to confirm but to no avail. please, what can I do?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    My sister details are in correct, my own details are there instead of her own. The DOB, mail, gender,

  4. Lawal Ridwanullahi Ololade on said:

    I mistakenly apply for direct entry pin instead of UTME, please what should I do

      • Peace on said:

        How pls answer, I’m also in the same mess. My is utme instead of de

  5. Lawal Ridwanullahi Ololade on said:

    I mistakenly apply for Direct Entry pin instead of UTME please what should I do

  6. Olayinka Sani on said:

    I mistakenly paid for direct entry instead of utme, what can I do

  7. Adeshina akorede Emmanuel on said:

    I mistakenly use 2018 profile code for 2019 e pin vending.. what can I do about that

    • precious on said:

      do I need to buy a new jamb e_pin if I mistakenly use a phone number I’ve already used to get admission in Jamb to procure the profile code that was used to get the Jamb 2019 e_pin

  8. UWAECHIA Afoamaka Victoria on said:

    pls for God’s sake HV been sending msgs to retrieve my e- pin but all to no avail
    how do I do it

  9. Ayauwu Felicia Bright on said:

    I obtained the jamb form since on the 27th of march, and it was on the 11 of April I got the pin and then proceeded to the CBT centre for my biometric so on getting there, we confirmed that the pin was invalid so I had to go back to the bank where I purchased it and they said they have sent mail to the bank. am confused don’t really know what to do .

  10. Paul on said:

    I obtained the jamb form, since 21st of March, the following day after the form was released. I went to a CBT center for my capturing and tomb printing. There I was told my pin was invalid, and was told to be patient, while jamb releases a new pin. I was told I will receive a new valid pin in my email, but up till now I couldn’t see any pin. Jamb should please make the process of getting the pins faster because time is going.

    • Meet then to complain again. That should solve the issue.

      When you get there, do not form gentle

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