Apply For 2019 Shell Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship — 6 Comments

  1. brighten on said:

    please when undergraduate(yr1 and yr2)scholarship form is out???
    please I need respond on this.

  2. Zion on said:

    Scholarship should be offered without propaganda without marginalization of other courses like the Art and Humanity.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    please let me know if they offer scholarship to polytechnics

  4. Anthony Ayibatari on said:

    pls am a undergraduate, and I would love study law,

  5. Wealth on said:

    @Von that how we have seen it ooo

  6. Von on said:

    there is really inequality in this nation……almost all the scholarships I’ve seen, are all channeled to engineering ans science courses, does it all those that studied art courses are not to be given scholarship or what?
    does it mean that they are not intelligent enough or they don’t deserve to be flown out for study? it really not fair

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