UNIBEN Part-Time Entrance Exam Date For 2019 — 9 Comments

  1. Am beginning to doubt this uniben part-time program cuz of the postponement.
    Just tired of them.
    Pls update us if you have any valuable informations.. Thanks

  2. What’s really happening? most of us, the students in await for our exam which was said to hold on the 13th of December are now confused if de exam will still be holding tomorrow or not.
    And are yet to know the time and venue of our examination.
    Please someone should help us

  3. Please sir, I have tried to check for the exams time and venue but it’s not showing anything… So how will I do it

  4. Please sir, is the entrance exam for part time 2019/2020 still holding on December 13th, 2019. And how do I know my venue, time and date.

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