UNIZIK Second (2nd) Batch Admission List for 2018/2019 — 47 Comments

  1. Stan on said:

    Good day Admin, is dere any news on wen d list will b out or any new development dat affects us?

    I’m very grateful to u for ur keen interest in our affairs, kindness & endeavours to help us easen d burden of our heavy hearts, thanks bro, remain blessed.

  2. vickysasha on said:

    i pray that the list will be out today wic is Friday.

  3. Stan on said:

    Will there b an exam before d third batch?

  4. vickysasha on said:

    pls when is the exam coming up? this is not fair at all ooh!

  5. Stan on said:

    I’m really tired of everything I’m seeing, how do they expect us to pass d exams wen we get admitted a month to d exam? They shuld pls help matters cos I’m. Just confused & even frustrated here. Admin pls help us plead With dem if possible bro. I know I’ve asked so much but I’m left wit no choice. Here’s my 66398523ec. God. Bless u sir.

  6. Lily on said:

    Pls can you help me to check my reg no 65760294EG.Thank you

  7. Lily on said:

    Pls can you help me to check my reg no 65760294EG

  8. vickysasha on said:

    pls don’t get offended with my questions.u said u r not really sure whether d list is staying up to next week or more rit? wic means is early next week or dis week Friday or Saturday! hahahaha

  9. vickysasha on said:

    ok,meaning anytime from now?
    so when is the fresh students sitting for their exams?

  10. vickysasha on said:

    pls will it stay up to next week or more?

  11. oluchi on said:

    pls can someone help me in checking mine 65460045fb

  12. vickysasha on said:

    pls when is the third list coming out? it has stayed so long while others are studying already.

  13. Muna on said:

    Please how do I check
    Or please do me a favour of checking for me please 69028353EH

  14. kizito on said:

    admission in progress check back later

  15. kamex on said:

    is there gonna be another list

  16. miriam on said:

    Pls is the admission process over?

  17. ogbowu Kennedy on said:

    How do i check the direct entry list because jamb have offer me admission

  18. christian on said:

    So hw will i knw if i wont gt d admission

  19. Alex on said:

    is there going to be another list for admission?

  20. Sonia on said:

    I have been trying to check my name in the second batch unizik admission list but its still saying “Admission in progress”

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