Waec GCE 2020 Biology Syllabus And Hot Topics To Read — 30 Comments

  1. Peace on said:

    Thanks a lot

  2. Somto on said:

    I really enjoyed it.Bravo to you

  3. lucky on said:

    what about the pratical syllabus

  4. Sara on said:

    Is this really?

  5. Ikuemonisan Mathew on said:

    Objective question

  6. piousmuslimah on said:

    tenx u alot… i found dz helpful

  7. Alimi olamilekan on said:

    As in……dis is so marvelous,,i found dis helpful nd thrilling

  8. emmanuel on said:

    Thanks for this

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Thank u soo much. Well now i know how to prepare ahead of the exam

  10. Ugochukwu David on said:

    Thanks so much for this, I would try my very best to read for them all.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    9ice one

  12. Prince Lamidi Bakky on said:

    Thanks For Help

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks a lot

  14. Aishat on said:

    wat about biology practical syllabus for candidates writing in sept/oct

  15. oyinda on said:

    Nice tanks for helping

  16. oyinda on said:

    Nice tanks

  17. Anonymous on said:


  18. Seyitan on said:

    This is too much ooo even jss3 question is there. Anyway thanks for the info

  19. TOYOSI on said:

    Are these topics gonna come out ???

  20. I~sax on said:

    It’s Bulky But Meaningful

  21. Chrêë on said:

    Hw abt practical biology syllabus for Sept/Oct GCE……hvnt seen dat one yet

  22. Chrêë on said:

    Not a biology kinda person tho….buh, found it really helpful.

  23. qoosim on said:

    wao! superb

  24. STELLA on said:

    WOW!!!!! I really love this

    Thanks for this

    i enjoyed reading and praticing it

  25. stella on said:

    yh…..i really love this

    • Chrêë on said:

      I know,right?

    • Chrêë on said:

      I know right….luvd it too

  26. Victoria on said:

    thanks for showing me n i hop its not fake. but its too much ooo

  27. Bright Aaron on said:

    i really enjoyed in studying this page but it is too vast for me to reach the revalation ie, the end.

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