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Waec GCE 2021 Chemistry Syllabus And Hot Topics — 24 Comments

  1. john maps on said:

    is this syllabus is it applicable for 2021

  2. David on said:

    Am having problem with the calculation of pH and poh in chemistry

  3. Faith on said:

    The topics list here is it also applicable for waec 2o2o

  4. Anonymous on said:

    sir are you sure that’s is the syllabus for 2020waec gce

  5. Anonymous on said:

    sir, is this syllabus also applicable to school waec exams (not GCE)

  6. King Samuel on said:

    Thanks but please I had D in chemistry an I want too study computer science do I need chemistry

    • ella on said:

      Of course,you need chemistry because it also deals with science which involves chemistry,physics,computer science and math most especially

  7. Jonathan Oborode on said:

    Sir is this Questions for 2019?

    • ella on said:

      it is a guideline which will enable one to know what he or she would read for 2019 waec gce

  8. Sienna on said:

    Please when is registration for GCE 2019 expiring

  9. Sienna on said:

    Please when is registration for GCE expiring

  10. Emmanuel on said:

    are these the topics that will come out during waec 2019 march/may

  11. Anonymous on said:

    Yeeee kemi student una dey try oooooooo
    From proud art student

  12. 08168749849 on said:

    YOur site is the best site I have ever seen
    God will bless you 👌🙏

  13. Kelvin Peprah on said:

    pls I am a candidate and I offer science but i am facing some problems on the following subjects

    so pls help me to pass those subjects. tanks

    • BARKADAUDA on said:

      study hard pls my dear

  14. Faith on said:

    Thanks so much sir buh I av a question pls I had a d in chemistry and want to go for nursing Shud I write another exam

    • Peter on said:

      You must for that course
      Registration is still on till 28 dec

  15. Anaekee Lovelyn on said:

    Thanks so much …cous I have been reading but no avail to so much subject I read ….

  16. Happiness on said:

    Thank you sir.

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks so much this is helpful

  18. moses Israel on said:


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