How To Write An Essay For MTN Scholarship — 9 Comments

  1. honour on said:

    is dis essay topic meant for 2019?

  2. Emmanuel on said:

    Thanks a lot flash how can we get regular updates from this website

  3. uche chisom on said:

    how can I write an essay on this topic communication skills .

  4. Justice on said:

    I was waiting for the MTN message, I did not see, only for me to check my spam today and found it there, can I still write the essay?

    • You can’t… In my article, I emphasized that everyone should check spam folder.

  5. Vincnet on said:

    Hey Flash,

    Thanks for tips.

  6. Ajulo Hassan Kehinde on said:

    I received MTNF message on my phone telling me to check my inbox for more details about the essay but I couldn’t find the mail there. What can I do to rectify the problem?

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