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40 Jamb CRS Likely Questions And Answers — 62 Comments

  1. Dorcas Princess. on said:

    Thanks sir,more questions would be needed.

  2. Dorcas princess. on said:

    Thanks so much sir,I need more questions like this because I am preparing for 2021 jamb.Tnxs sir

  3. Belinda on said:

    Please help s

  4. EMEKA BRIGHT on said:


  5. Dare Timilehin on said:

    Thanks sir I am having exam tomorrow morning by 7am and have doing govt,lit,crs, English

  6. Chukwu glory on said:

    Thanks so much

  7. Am juliana on said:

    Thanks a lot

  8. Johnson Divine on said:

    Thank you sir, pls sir I need government and literature tomorrow by 09:00

  9. Success on said:

    Thank you sir

    • Elvis obasi on said:

      Thank a lot sir,we really appreciate your help.please sir i have English government crs and biology on 14th please help me out. Thanks

  10. Richies on said:


  11. Azenda Daniel on said:

    Thank you sir may God blessed you.

  12. Victory on said:

    Tanks really enjoyed it

  13. Hamat inumidun on said:

    It makes me busy and also learn more ,I love this blog anyway, more Grace to you

  14. Caleb Orakaa on said:

    Thank u sir, may God bless u

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