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How to Purchase NECO Tokens to Check Your Results Online — 29 Comments

  1. oghenevofaith on said:

    Is neco gce result 2019 out please

  2. Fagbuyiro Grace Ayorinde on said:

    Please I check my results it was writing candidate record not found what can I do…

  3. D.G.S on said:

    I’ve tried to buy my token online but it isn’t working please what can I do?


      How can i going to see my neco result of 2019?

  4. Livingstone N on said:

    Please how long will it take for neco to send the token

  5. Bulus Christopher on said:


  6. Olajire Glory Taiwo on said:

    pls I hv a scratch card wit me bt after dailing …it is stated there dat “invalid candidate number”

    pls wot can I do?

  7. Anonymous on said:

    pls how long will it take for NECO to send you the token pin if you pay through online banking

    • James on said:

      A detailed information is not given on how to get the a token because there is a place where (WHO DO U WANT TO PAY TO) and (NAME OF SERVICE/PURPOSE) what are we to write? Pls give a vivid details thanks

  8. Adeyemo raifu. on said:

    Thanks you ( GOD ) for this kind of success.

  9. Jesutofunmi on said:

    Please can will use scratch card instead of token

    • Anonymous on said:

      It doesn’t work with scratch card again, go to neco website and purchase the token

    • Anonymous on said:


  10. Lucky on said:

    So if u have scratch card u still wnt b able to check without d token??

  11. prince on said:

    hw can we use to access d result

  12. Freshman on said:

    How much is the token please

  13. Zaddy on said:

    Go to your chrome or UC browser to assess it…
    Click d first webpage..
    U will need to register
    Then u go for token…
    Which u are going to used ur ATM to pay
    Once u get d token…
    U will b able to check ur result…
    If it’s out…
    D token is #711

  14. Olaitan on said:

    av bought d token
    Bt still same candidate not found
    Some one shud help I really need diz result

    • Anonymous on said:

      that is what mine is also saying please help us

    • Anonymous on said:

      Go to cyber cafe with the token, if you have purchase it.

  15. Omotayo waliyah olawumi on said:

    can you help me to buy the token. I will transfer to you. or u should help us explain d way you check ur own

  16. justina on said:

    i ve checked my is out

    • Anonymous on said:

      How is the result?

    • Anonymous on said:

      Nice. Please can u help me buy d token while i tranfer cash to u?

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Can we still use our result checker?

  18. Anonymous on said:

    That is what i don’t knw o

  19. Adeyemi Deborah on said:

    Is the token the same thing as the scratch card

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