Neco 2021 Registration, Exam Date And Questions — 44 Comments

  1. Festus Bitrus on said:

    How can I pass neco and weco?? please my people and my brother help me to pass neck and weco

  2. Yuseef umar Hussain on said:

    Bebeji local government kano state Nigeria

  3. Jeremiah on said:

    When will this year(2021) neco results be released

  4. Israel on said:

    How many days does it take for the result to comes out

  5. Eden Stephen, 0290060 on said:

    When or is 2017 original out? Please.
    Thank you so much.

    • Isaac mnongu on said:


  6. Anonymous on said:

    When or is 2017 original out? Please.
    Thank you so much.

  7. Anonymous on said:


  8. J.boy on said:

    How much is the stipulated amount for neco registration.

  9. Eesuola taiwo on said:

    How can i register my neco 2021 online

  10. Emmanuel agboola on said:

    there is error in my brother’s name how can that be corrected

  11. Ajijola khadijat on said:

    Please when is this year neco going to commence and registration date and please hw much is it

    • Anonymous on said:

      If I sit for neco now when Willie
      the result going be out

  12. King MS on said:

    Please when is Neco results for 2019 going to be released??
    Because I need it seriously.

  13. Anonymous on said:

    How do they mark Neco English and divide it after marking

  14. Esther on said:

    wen is Neco result cuming out

    • Anonymous on said:

      Early September or August ending

  15. abdullahi on said:


  16. haruna m aliyu on said:

    2019 maths and english neco answers easy and objectia

  17. Ishola bisola on said:

    How can I cope with science subject

  18. kayode on said:

    when is the starting date for neco 2019???

    • Adejumo lawal on said:

      Neco result will come out when

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