Jamb Series Part 45: How To Create Gmail Account For Jamb Profile Or Neco — 26 Comments

  1. I have written my exams and the gmail address I used was created to me on that day and I used it to process the exam but now after taking the exam I tried using it to check the result but is not connecting,please what can I do to see my result?

  2. I studied science in secondary school with the following subjects English mathematics physics chemistry biology economics civic agriculture and marketing can I study business administration in University and what subjects should I enroll in jamb

  3. I registered for jamb and i used a Gmail account but my fone got stolen and my password is in my fone how do i no when to for my exam

  4. When I registered for jamb,i used a Gmail account that I have not created because my normal Gmail did not work owing to the fact that I had used it for last years registration.. is there a problem?

  5. i have yahoo mail but ever since i registered for jamb 2019, i have not gotten any message from the email address. and i am also finding it difficult to open for check in.

  6. I av already had gmail account, but i don’t knw how to check message there. But i opened it on my itel 5330 through opera min

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