Jamb Series Part 15: Not Receiving Jamb Profile Code — 564 Comments

  1. Oyeniyi Abdullahi on said:

    I have email addresse can I generate my profile code with it


    Pls my profile code is not generating on my phone number

  3. Kemi on said:

    What the solution to this

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I used the number that I used for nin registration to get my profile code but no response yet and Jamb registration is closing tomorrow what will I do?

  5. Becky on said:

    I was meant to register for DE but i registered for utme can anything be done to convert back before jamb closes

  6. Miracle Wilson on said:

    Not working

  7. Emmanuel chigozie on said:

    I have being trying the same thing also,if even when i about 600 hundry nair card in my phone they will still tell not in suffient card pls the time is going jamb will soon end registeration i need help

  8. Mercy on said:

    Ave been sending my NIN To 55019 but is saying no record found

  9. Tina ugochi boniface on said:

    De said my gsm have already been used what does it mean

  10. Ifeanyi Okafor on said:

    I have tried this so many times it’s keeps showing message cannot be processed at the moment pls how can i solve this issue

    • Warith on said:

      “Your NIN has already been registered with another gsm 08*******” this is what 55019 is replying me and I don’t understand what it means

      • Kemi on said:

        What the solution to this

  11. Anonymous on said:

    The number used to register for my nin has been used for jamb last year, what do I do

  12. David Solomon on said:

    I received my profile code… But my phone was formated and I lost my profile code before registration.. Don’t know how to get it back..

  13. Muhammed ibrahim on said:

    They have recieved my request i will be given a message shortly since i haven’t see any thing and time is runing out.

  14. Anonymous on said:

    They said no record found but they keep on deducting my airtime

  15. Anonymous on said:

    This is so unfair, you keep deducting airtime,yet no code
    Keep saying no record found

    • Ese on said:

      I have the same issue it keeps saying no records found please there should postpone the e pin generation to Monday please I beg you

    • Anonymous on said:

      I have tried all means but it’s not working

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