Jamb Series Part 4: Can I Write Jamb Without Knowing How To Operate Computer? — 41 Comments

  1. OMG!Sir,you just lifted up my spirit,much obliged!
    But in case where by i would to move to another subject,which key will i press? I await your reply,thanks!!!

  2. Does it mean that after answering all the question to a particular subject, one can submit and go for other questions remaining

  3. Thanks for the information but in a situation where I would like to start with economics but mathematics was the first subject on the computer,which key should I use to take it to economics.

  4. I really appreciate your bro Issac ..may God bless you sir…the Lord will reward you. I have never regretted . I love calling you Tech Isaac

  5. Wow isaac Newton.great.!Blessed are those who followed you on net day/night.for they will be inform.I apreciate ur effort.

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