Solutions To SMS Sending Failure When Sending Profile Details To 55019 — 62 Comments

  1. Please I tried sending but it is saying that my GSM number has been used by another Candidate on efacility

  2. Good day sir, I used the number I used for last year profile code this year so I was sent the last year’s profile code I bought new sim on the 6th of February and on the 7th I sent my name and was deducted twice but till now haven’t seen anything

  3. sir i bought my mtn sim last year september and i try using it in sending the code severally.
    it will only say message delivered but charges was not removed what could be the problem?

  4. Sir i send my name as ADISA KANYINSOLA ESTHER to 55019 and yet the’ve not send any code what can i do again

  5. I use glo line but no sending and I just try to send a message to a friend of my it went
    plss wat d problem im confuse

  6. I have been sending my name to 55019 since friday but they have not send my profile code,and am using MTN sim, what could be the problem ?

    • Amazing afternoon sir,
      I have been trying to send my name to 55019 since last week Saturday is not going through, please what can I do

  7. i sent my full name to 55019 since, am yet to receive the confirmation code.
    i followed all the procedures I am to follow in sending the names and it is from my MTN sim card i have been using long ago. please what can i do?

  8. I have my old sim and all the afore stated requirements you stated but after sending my details to 55109 it said sorry you don’t have an active data bundle

  9. What should I do now after sending result to 55019 the reply is invalid character found in the name submitted .

  10. I sent my name including my surname in Capital letter then I put comma, my name also starting with capital letter and end with small letter same as other name eg AMUSAT,Lateef Oluwasegun. What I get in reply is invalid character found in the name submitted

  11. I have the problem with checking my result with an airtel sim Because I have sent the Message that you asked us to send and I have not seen any message from jamb please what can I do to this issue.

    • I have send the message but still nothing and am using Airtel line,Sir pls what can i do to see my result

  12. Pls I lost my son but hv already retrieved it I sent RESULT to 55019 since yesterday but they have not replied me pls I really need ur help sir pls👏👏 cos am very anxious right now all my friends hv seen theirs but I haven’t seen mine 😫

  13. Hello sir
    I want to check my jamb result and I sent RESULT to 55019 its saying failed
    But If I send to another persons number it’ll go
    I have #250 on my mtn
    What must be wrong

  14. yes sir ,please I lost my phone that I use the number to register jamb , please how can I get messages from jamb or any information without doing welcome back for the sim because am not the one that register the sim, yes sir please I need your help

  15. Pls sir av got my confirmation code but but am unable to continue my registration… It keep on telling me invalid code.. Pls sir I need ur help urgently

  16. Pls sir av got my confirmation code but but am unable to continue my registration… It keep on telling me invalid code.. Pls sir I need ur help urgently

  17. I used airtel to send my names to 55019 no response…i got Mtn line still not working… and my older line got lost….what should I do?

  18. sir, use MTN to register my and it work for me. my brother use his Airtel but he did not get any reply can I use the my MTN sim the i use for my profile to register for my brother?

  19. I have send my name to 55019 but they not reply me back since morning why please help consin this please

  20. hi sir
    can a candidate use two mobile number to receive his or her profile code cus i have send Resend to my etisalat but no reply
    can i use another sim card

  21. Hello
    Please I have sent my name to the number twice with different network (airtel & glo) nd its giving me “unable to contact jamb at the moment”.

    Pls help me o

  22. pls what should i do now.after sending my name to 55019 the reply is unknown error.i use airtel before but later use mtn its still the same reply

  23. I have been trying to send mine too since Monday, I resend almost every minute and yet the reply is unknown error with more than enough airtime.

    Or can we consider a sim since June a new sim?

  24. Hello sir! I dont have any issues with the above problem discussed.But I have send in my names to 55019 since on Monday and up till now no code have been send to me.I use Glo and SMS went fine.What could be the reason for not sending or does the Cafe has the code already?

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