Solutions To SMS Failure Sending NIN To 55019 — 111 Comments

  1. Balikis Nana on said:

    Have tried sending my Nin but no profile code ,,at first no record found ,,now they aren’t even replying me,,,and dere kept on decducting my airtime,,pls help what should I do

  2. Ngene ozioma Lilina on said:

    I have try sending my NIN number to 55019 but they have not reply back yet to send me my profile code

  3. Ozioma on said:

    Please help me am really stressed out please am 😭 after this year my uncle is done

  4. Anonymous on said:


  5. Bless steph on said:

    Mine is insufficient balance:IN error code 4012

  6. Bless on said:

    I’m tired of this NIN of a thing.have been sending my NIN 55019 to get the code using MTN line,what i get is request processed or insufficient balance:IN error code is 4012,what a hell,what sort of punishment,i’m tired,

  7. Adunbi on said:

    The issue is now rampant

  8. Jadono gift boluwatife on said:

    Please my 55019 is saying no record found for NIN try again later in 24 hours

    • Anonymous on said:


    • Legely on said:

      That is the same problem that i get, but you have to try it often

  9. Mary on said:

    My NIN Number Is Not Sending My Profile Code

  10. Mohammed Amirat Ajibola on said:

    Am also having issues with my profile code..anytime i send the code I going to be showing no record found…or send NI to 4012..jamb is closing tomorrow I dont know wat to do pls help me

  11. Maryam muhammad musa on said:

    Why new sim card not getting profile code but i spend morethan a 1000 naira to puchase the registration date is close on friday. I need ur assistance thanks.

  12. Ezinne on said:

    I have been trying it during the weekend and there are saying I should try later but I have tried severally

  13. Musa Garba Bichi on said:

    I have been using mtn line. I tried so many times but I haven’t received any profile code for almost. I spent more than thousand naira. I have used my other line but the result remain the same. For now I give up. This NIN become miserable to some of us

  14. Johnson anthonia on said:

    Pls sir/ma have been trying to get it since Friday duty all are still thesame,they are responding with different answer like ur surname is missing,ur NIN is not up to lenght, ur num Is use to register GMS and so on
    Pls I need ur help
    And jamb is closing on Friday

  15. Abiodun on said:

    Sir I lost my NiN registration sim,,how can I get to this using another sim card sir??

  16. Ado Lawan Abdullahi on said:

    I have two sim card all is my on but I try one two days I’m not get profile code and I try another one and yet now I’m not get the profile code help me how I’m going to do?

  17. Anonymous on said:

    Sir mine is telling me your first name is missing or surname is missing from your nimc document

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Mine says your nin has already been registered by another game number and I’ve tried using the other gsm number it’s not even replying the other number why so??

    • Anonymous on said:

      I’m facing same issue here

    • Anonymous on said:

      Same here

  19. Musa Jibril on said:

    I try getting my profile pin but telling that no NIN record found. Pls help me out. My NIN No. 12256360652

    • Ngene ozioma Lilina on said:

      I have try sending my NIN number to 55019 but they have not reply back yet to send me my profile code

  20. Anonymous on said:

    Mine is telling me that (no record found on NIN)

      • Adeniyi Iremide on said:

        Unable to create jamb profile code . The reply is no record found on NIN

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