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How Waec Results Are Marked And Graded (2020) — 48 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Many questions unanswered

  2. daniel on said:

    i am very baffled with my index number,although it has been writeen un the frontpage of the theory booklet but we were told to write our index number in each page ,and i wrote 4251788 which 4 is our center number instead of 4251788092 which is written bcldly on the frontpage
    so i want to ask that hope it wont affect when marking my examination papers?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    How will chemistry practical, obj,esaay be calculated ……pls I need answer

  4. KOLADE on said:


  5. Ella on said:

    I answered 6 and half questions in my maths theory and my objective I’m nt so sure…. Can i have a c6

    • Anonymous on said:

      I am afraid of what u said.

    • FAVOUR on said:

      how do waec examiner mark lit n english.i answered 4 correctly out of 6 can i have at least a credict

  6. chiboy on said:

    please can someone be sure of B2 in English even with some mistakes and cancellation in essay writing but wrote well in other questions and objectives

  7. victor on said:

    what mark is deducted for alteration and canceling in physics practical.

    • me on said:

      minus 50 marks

  8. Emeka on said:

    Wait sorry can I ask a question does cancellation have a strong effect In marking waec cuz some people are really baffled about it

  9. Robert on said:

    I really appreciate your post because it’s instructive and helpful. Here’s my concern sir. I want to know
    1) what the total marks of the English language and literature in English papers are?
    2) how is the percentage of the whole paper calculated?

  10. yusuf isyaku on said:

    when the waec 2019 question will be released?

  11. Mustapha Adeniyi on said:

    Is the objective questions and the theory questions in mathematics the same in their grade?
    Please explain how mathematics is being marked?

  12. Hauwa Adamu on said:


  13. Hauwa Adamu on said:


  14. Queen on said:

    Do we write oral English in waec

    • Anonymous on said:


  15. Anonymous on said:

    Do we write oral English in waec

  16. Anonymous on said:

    is there any possibility in passing english language without writing oral english when it comes to gce

  17. fisayo on said:

    pls if someone write is English but the not write essay can the person have C5 in his waec exam

  18. Aina oreoluwa on said:

    How will technical drawing be calculated?
    Will it be whatever you get over 200 or ????

    • Richard on said:

      if you answer 4 questions and the instrustion said you should answer 3
      wat will be the effect

  19. Ifeleenizzy on said:

    I wrote gce maths today so we ar to answer 10questions out of 12 nd i answer 5
    will i still pass d maths theory

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