SSCE Series Part 21: How To Prepare And Pass Waec 2020/2021 Once And For All — 186 Comments

  1. thanks for educating the young ones..A large population of youths feel helpless about getting it right just because of ignorance.

  2. I don’t want to rewrite my waec again,this is the second sit for me,o Lord please let me pass my waec this year.

  3. God for you are the one that make others to pass their waec exam.i believe that you will also do it for me this year 2019.for with you all things are possible

  4. we all candidate of this year 2019 wace students
    with the almighty God that we warship will guard all of us through out of this exams with all A8s successful

  5. I will pass my wace by God grace,,is not by power but by the grace of Almighty God,, I shall prosper ij.n

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