SSCE Series Part 15: Waec Compulsory Subjects — 223 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Is it compulsory for commercial student to write Yoruba in WARC

  2. tofunmi on said:

    Pls does your subject combination in waec depend on your career choice
    or your department/or both?for example must a commercial student that wants to study a course mostly based in art field take art subjects as well??

  3. funmi on said:

    Pls I heard one must do one language in waec in any department you are and isn’t nine subjects a student offers

  4. Anonymous on said:

    pls which art course can I do without yoruba

    • M .N Eluwa on said:

      Must a science student complete these subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Agricultural Science , Geography, Biology?

  5. oluwatade david on said:

    what are the nine commercial subject

  6. scarlette on said:

    what are the nine science subjects in waec

  7. Ibrahim sani on said:

    I’m art student what i can do for all art subject

  8. Eric chidinma victory on said:

    Is economy realy important for science student to write in waec

  9. Destiny on said:

    Is roruba compulsory for science student

  10. Anonymous on said:

    What are the nine subject science student in WEAC

  11. james sunday on said:

    thank you sir

  12. Gabriel favour on said:

    Sir , is Yoruba a compulsory subject for art department?

    • Priscilla on said:

      Sir iam an art student and i went to study theater art and i want to wirte agric science in waec and my class mate said that i should wirte geography in waec i dont know what to do

      • Legacy on said:

        You can write Agricultural Science but not Geography as an art student

  13. Omidre shola on said:

    Sir must I do data processing

  14. Esther on said:

    Sir,must I write Youruba in WAEC if I want to study English?

    • Sam-Waiz Educational Consult on said:


  15. Oyindamola on said:

    Is it compulsory for a commercial student to offer yoruba

    • Omidre shola on said:


  16. Muhyideen Aishah on said:

    Thank you sir
    You really encourage me in loving mathematics the more

  17. Oyin on said:

    I’m a commercial student sir, I think government is optional cause I don’t really like it, and moreover I think Civic education is ok instead of government

  18. Rejoice eke on said:

    Sir can i offer marketing or georgraph in my weac

    • Anonymous on said:

      can I offer just English,maths,economics, civc,crk,Igbo government, literature, geography.
      Is it a must to do a trade subject

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