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SSCE Series Part 10: Subjects To Register In Waec And Neco — 30 Comments

  1. Davidony on said:

    Pls a wrong subject was registrrd for me in d ongoing waec exam pls how do I correct before d subject is written.i want fmaths but they registered data processing for me

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I need to study law both my government is d7 now can I get it

  3. Stephanie-Baby crush on said:

    Uhhm, good evening house…..
    Please sir Isaac, i registered 10 subjects for WAEC and NECO for 2019/2020, can i sit for all and get my result without complications

  4. Anonymous on said:

    some people did not do commerce in weac because dey did marketing
    will dey have adimmision

  5. Sleek on said:

    I registered for marketing I missed the paper

  6. Oluwasegun temidayo on said:

    I forgot some of the subject i register in wace. How can i check to comfirm.

  7. olajire segun on said:

    l will like to know the date of the junior waec exam

  8. ade on said:

    is government compulsory for commercial students

    • Baby crush on said:

      It kinda is dear, its a social science subject for both commercial and art students

    • jabir A jabir on said:

      what about government an commence

  9. Debbie on said:

    I registered seven subjects in waec GCE I hope I am safe?

  10. ayo on said:

    is civic education cumpulsory in waec for commercial student

  11. Patricia theophilus on said:

    What can I do to make my weac, am scared

  12. Chris on said:

    pls how many subject are to be registered for in GCE examination

  13. chris on said:

    pls how many subject are to be registered for I’m GCE

    • Anonymous on said:

      Minimum of 7 and maximum of of 9(For Waec-Gce. Dunno about Neco-Gce)

  14. Femi on said:

    i registered for 9 subjects in my Neco exams but only sat for 6, can my result be released. Thank You.

  15. Braimoh Talib Oshomah on said:

    If you enrol 8 subjet and write 7 are you getting and result.

  16. Anonymous on said:

    I did 10 subject in June/July exam what are the result for those that did it?

  17. Javan hossana on said:

    i registered 8 subject both waec & neco n i scored 190 in jamb can i study Theatre Art or mass-Comm… & can university accept me as a candidate?

  18. Hannah on said:

    I did 9 subject 4 last Nov/DEC neco exam but I did nt make 4 important subject I needed 4 jamb, so my question is can I register for four subject in the June/ July exam

  19. Fabiola on said:

    Alright thanks

  20. Fabiola on said:

    Thanks for also sharing with me.I was sad because i failed my G.C.E.But now am very happy,for u said it will make me to improve in my educational standard ,thanks very much.Hope u can still help me ,cos i will want to write 2018 NECO and jamb.MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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