SSCE Series Part 6: Waec And Neco 2020 Questions And Answers — 37 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I need a neco 2019 past question

  2. Abiodun Emmanuel on said:

    I need a neco 2020 past questions

    • Anonymous on said:

      When did you need it

    • Keji on said:

      I need it

    • Chima uchechukwu on said:


  3. Adebayo Judith Ololade on said:

    Date of Waec

  4. Ismail umar usman on said:

    I need neco past question english, maths, economics, civic edu, islamic stu, geography, gov’t, hausa, marketing


      Me too I need pass questions for 2019

    • Onuora harmony on said:

      I want questions to all social science subject

      • Andrew kombay on said:

        I need past question 2014-2019

  5. Anonymous on said:

    i need questions for 2020 exams

    • Margaret Edet Peter on said:

      I need questions for Neco 2020 in the following subjects mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology, civic, agriculture and marketing

  6. musa mariam on said:

    how can i get neco essay n objectives for d following subjects? maths,eng, govt, literature, economics, biology, marketing v and how much is d cost

  7. ekubnse osang on said:

    I need financial accounting

  8. Itz Hayzed on said:

    I need obj for book keeping sir

  9. Uzoukwu Amarachi on said:

    Pls I need questions and answers on all subjects for 2019 weac and neco

  10. Anonymous on said:

    How to get the questions and answers for 2019 neck and waec

    • Anonymous on said:


  11. gbadamosi mariam on said:

    what is the

  12. Anthonia Osahon on said:

    I want questions to all science subjects

  13. kingsman on said:

    I also need more questions on waec,especially sci. subject

  14. Kingsley on said:

    I need real waec this timetable please

    • Anonymous on said:


  15. Susana avomo kono wama on said:

    When can i register for waec and gce netweem augost till december

  16. Bello wale on said:

    I need more question and answer for waec 2019
    please I beg

    • Lawrence on said:

      I need all questions and answer obj and essay for art

  17. Ugochukwu Emmanuel on said:

    where can i see wace mock exam past question and answer

  18. adekunle omorilewa on said:

    In vowel sound when they said /e:/ what is the meaning of that question when they said bird belt

  19. Ifeanyi on said:

    What is the date of waec

  20. Anonymous on said:

    Weree to find the best answers portal

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