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Number Of Questions To Be Set In Jamb 2021 For All Subjects — 154 Comments

  1. WADA ONUCHE on said:

    May allah swt answer all our requests. I’m out and out in need of 300 nd i knw very wel dat de suprem being witout whom nothin is imposible wil certainly put smile on our face

  2. Success on said:

    Amen ooo
    I pray that as we study,let’s understand what we are studying.
    God will help us.

  3. pali'joe jnr. on said:

    Some believe dis year is hard but dis year is a year of my break through nd testimony, i am making my cut-off marks dis 2020 JAMB Eee i have made it God will do it for us, but we all should not forget awo duties as students Read nd understand nd get to understand wat u reading! UNICAL is my choice of institute. God bless us all.

  4. Ekpeshe goodness on said:

    Wat is d cutoff mark for law

  5. Christiana on said:

    God will see me through, this is my year am sure of admission with God by my side, I know i will score 360 for sure strongly believe that. So help me God Amen.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Amen and me too

  6. Muhammad Hamisu on said:

    By The Grace Of Almighty God We Are Going To Pass Our Jamb 2020.

  7. Jiya Job Yanusa on said:

    Success is not of man but of the LORD… But we have to work hard.

    • Oyinkansola on said:

      Yes u are right

    • Anonymous on said:

      You said it all

    • Stanely on said:

      You said it all

  8. priscilla on said:

    Amen ooo ,i really need to pass o

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Nothing will or can stop us from passing these exam we will make it in Jesus Name Amen

    • maryprecious on said:

      amen ooh

  10. I.D on said:

    pls, what is the recommended time to spend in each time?.can one maneuver to any subject of strength or questions not clear to him and he past it at first reading?

    • Dacova on said:

      Yeah you can move to any subject anytime

    • Edidiong Ukpong on said:


  11. Ariyo Sadiyat on said:

    God is our strenght,all we need is hardwork

  12. Vicky on said:

    God is just our only hope. Do your best and leave the rest for our God to handle. And we will all pass ooo. Amen,,, but one must also play his part

    • Anonymous on said:

      Thank you na so

  13. Isaac John on said:

    We shall all pass in jamb

    • Nweke uchechukwu on said:

      Amen God will do it for us

  14. Innocent James Okpe on said:

    I can do all things through God whose strengthen me (Philippians 4:13)

  15. Ayomide on said:

    We are all going to pass this jamb in Jesus Name I just asking for 250 in my exam and may God put us through it Amen……

    • Anonymous on said:


      • Akindotun omotayo on said:


    • Anonymous on said:

      Amen oooooo

  16. danlamii abdul malik ambasassedor on said:

    one thin in life is dat when u request something from allah have strong desire for it that u are goin to and u will make it if u only rely to allaah d most ominipotence,i too is lookin for admission i dont have anybody to help me or advise but i only dat allaah will help and advise me. May allaah help us aamen i hope u are a muslim be start recitin this surrah say astagfirrullahallazee laaillaha illahuwal hayul haiyul koiyuumaa waatubu illeih or rabbanna atina fee dunyaa hassannatan waffil aahiroti hassannatan wakinner azzabbannar resite in your daily five prayer by d aid of aallaahh u will smile or happy for it u too,u pray for me i know allah will help us,may allah help us aameen

  17. Abigail on said:

    I believe in my heart dat God is on my side I desire for admission dis year.so I ask God for 250 in jamb .I no my God will do it Amen

  18. kefas alaku Joseph on said:

    Amen ooooo

    • nwadike reginald on said:


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