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Number Of Questions To Be Set In Jamb 2021 For All Subjects — 152 Comments

  1. Paul Awanu on said:

    We shall pass this year jamb in Jesus name amen

  2. Adeolaotegar on said:

    Cutie,thanks jawe

  3. Shah_hron on said:

    Tnx for d necessary reductions…. We sure gonna pass…IJN🙏

  4. Joy on said:

    Am ooo, we will make it ooo

  5. Anonymous on said:

    God is my protector

  6. destiny on said:

    Jamb 350 lowest

  7. azi on said:

    how can i get 2018/2019 past question

  8. Cutie on said:

    Asin eeeh…2019 jamb nah eem sure pass..we will comeout in flying colours in jesus name…AMEN

  9. DR. VIC on said:

    we are so going to pass this next JAMB exam in flying colors……….thank God for the necessary reductions

    • Anonymous on said:

      Amen and what reduction

  10. OPE on said:

    we wil all make it this coming year ijn

  11. Winifred Gideon on said:

    I am totally Short of words
    My heart is beating heavily

  12. abiodun on said:

    plz ooo alert me for change of course

  13. Abiodun on said:

    Pls is it possible to see the jamb questions two days before the exam so that I can read for it

    • Abraham ihohi on said:

      you eh, see the way you smartly inquire for expo. “so that i can read for it”. funny jambite.

  14. Maria onyinyechi on said:

    God is bigger than everything I shall make it no matter how hard it might be failure is not in my agenda

  15. Ukuru amarachi marian on said:

    So far i hv been reading d chat there nd it hv helped me alot am grate for d found of flashlearner or should i say d own may God bless u as u brought ur self to ans nd help d confusing candidate of jamb may God blessing u sir (AMEN)

  16. Anuoluwapo omowunmi on said:

    Jamb is more harder than waec may God help us nd lt also read 2 fulfil God prmz in our life

  17. BIGZEE SEGUN on said:

    i will make it in this year 2018 jamb. AMEN!!!

    • Ukuru amarachi marian on said:

      Amen by d grace of God we will surely make it

  18. Bizy on said:

    Pls. What is the total score for mock jamb

  19. Curtis on said:

    hope if they are setting English questions comprehension,answer tags,nearest in meaning,opposite in meaning,choose the option that best completes the gap are among the English questions that they are setting

  20. Curtis on said:

    how many questions are they going to set in the novel INDEPENDENCE

    • Anonymous on said:

      how meny

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