What To Do When Jamb Says You Should Do Change Of Course Or Institution — 126 Comments

  1. TUNDE on said:

    Is FUTA change of course possible right now?PLSSS!!! It’s URGENT

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Can I still do change of course for 2019 jamb section?

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I was given admission in 2014 to study a Edu Religion I got the admission letter and proceeded to the department and my Hod and registere of my school approved my change of course to another course in same department but its not reflecting om my admission letter.

  4. Abisola Akin on said:

    I have done change of course online to the one jamb initially gave me but the revoke of admission is still reflecting there after I’ve done the change of course online. What can I do

  5. Deborah Anthony on said:

    I m asking if I can do change of course after admission because I m not comfortable with the course I m about to do
    I want to change from Zology to genetic and bio tech

  6. Yemi on said:

    About the admission revoke.
    I was given admission yesterday,2019 Admission but the service for correction of data for 2019 is unavailable. I went to jamb head state in Abeokuta, they told me the 2 weeks revoke doesn’t mean since the service is unavailable. What can I do to that?

  7. Raphael on said:

    Here is my problem,Jamb gave me admission in Agric-economics and management technology and school gives me in agric extension and really confused,I prefer the jamb one than the school one. What should I do??

  8. Anonymous on said:

    If jamb give u mathematics as your course, can your school change it??????

  9. Erudite Confidence on said:

    Please I was admitted to Environmental Mgt. can I apply for change of course to Microbiology in the same institution?

  10. samuel dennis on said:

    Pls o if u want to apply for medicine and u are unable to beat the cut off mark for it.but u passed ur jamb are u the one to change ur course or the school will change it for u,in uniben?

  11. Anonymous on said:

    I just changed my course last three days how long am I suppose to wait before I can accept the caps online

  12. Shima Christiana on said:

    I mistakenly did a change of course before, so my question is…. Is it possible for me to still do a change of course for the second time? Please your opinions are welcome

  13. Iyanuoluwa on said:

    I mistakenly accept jamb admission offer but different course that doesn’t even tally with my department, so I changed to another school, is it possible that I will be given a genuine admission offer from that school, I will be glad if my question will be answered quickly

  14. Olawumi henry on said:

    The school I choose as my third choice had given me admission, bt am only seeing not admitted in my CAPS and also my first choice which av nt been admitted. Pls Wat will I do pls

  15. Olawumi henry on said:

    The school I choose as my third choice had given me admission, bt am only seeing not admitted in my CAPS and also my first choice which av nt been admitted

  16. Anonymous on said:

    Please sir, I’ve been given admission on Jamb portal and Unilorin portal and I’ve accepted both and I’ve even paid acceptance fee for unilorin but I’ve issues printing out my admission letter and I’ve paid for that already and I’ve gone to jamb office but nothing has been done yet and we’re starting exam soon sir
    Pls sir what can I do

  17. John Mary on said:

    Sir, my course was changed nd my caps is still showing not admitted, should i do change of course now or i should wait after seen admitted on my caps?

  18. Dona on said:

    I was offered admission by jamb and the school plus the course I choose but I’m having second thoughts about this course and I want to change it. Is it possible?

    • Emmanuel on said:

      I’m having same problem here, any answer on this please

  19. Ifeoluwa on said:

    I accepted my transfer of course offer but its still not admitted.
    And wen I logged onto unilags portal,it was still d old course.
    Plss, what am I supposed to do

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