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  1. Here is my problem,Jamb gave me admission in Agric-economics and management technology and school gives me in agric extension and really confused,I prefer the jamb one than the school one. What should I do??

  2. Please I was admitted to Environmental Mgt. can I apply for change of course to Microbiology in the same institution?

  3. Pls o if u want to apply for medicine and u are unable to beat the cut off mark for it.but u passed ur jamb are u the one to change ur course or the school will change it for u,in uniben?

  4. I mistakenly did a change of course before, so my question is…. Is it possible for me to still do a change of course for the second time? Please your opinions are welcome

  5. I mistakenly accept jamb admission offer but different course that doesn’t even tally with my department, so I changed to another school, is it possible that I will be given a genuine admission offer from that school, I will be glad if my question will be answered quickly

  6. The school I choose as my third choice had given me admission, bt am only seeing not admitted in my CAPS and also my first choice which av nt been admitted. Pls Wat will I do pls

  7. The school I choose as my third choice had given me admission, bt am only seeing not admitted in my CAPS and also my first choice which av nt been admitted

  8. Please sir, I’ve been given admission on Jamb portal and Unilorin portal and I’ve accepted both and I’ve even paid acceptance fee for unilorin but I’ve issues printing out my admission letter and I’ve paid for that already and I’ve gone to jamb office but nothing has been done yet and we’re starting exam soon sir
    Pls sir what can I do

  9. Sir, my course was changed nd my caps is still showing not admitted, should i do change of course now or i should wait after seen admitted on my caps?

  10. I was offered admission by jamb and the school plus the course I choose but I’m having second thoughts about this course and I want to change it. Is it possible?

  11. I accepted my transfer of course offer but its still not admitted.
    And wen I logged onto unilags portal,it was still d old course.
    Plss, what am I supposed to do

  12. Pls,I applied for biochemistry n was given another course when I checked transfer approval,I’ve accepted the course n it has reflected on my caps but the admission status is still showing not admitted,pls do I need to apply for change of course on jamb portal now or until it changes to admitted b4 changing it in order to be able to print the admission letter?

    • Sir I have done change of course before and jamb ask me to do it again after I have gained admission to the course that is given to me so sir how can I do this I am so confused oo because I heard change of course can only be done once

  13. Pls sir I applied for biochemistry but was given botany on jamb transfer and have accepted the transfer do I still have to do change of course after that?

  14. hi.. Pls I did change of course from Slt to agric tech a week b4 I was admitted, but surprisingly I was admitted into Slt. Pls shay do I do now and I have ready change done change twice.

  15. Hello, please am a DE student and my point was not up to the course I put in but jamb offered me a course in one of the faculty, can I can’t to another course in the same faculty.
    I would be glad if my question is answered. Thanks

  16. I changed my course on school portal after written my jamb to a course my mark can take but i did not change it on jamb will i get my admission letter from jamb over the course i changed on school portal

  17. I have a perculiar case. I gained admission in 2013 and applied for a change of course. The change reflected in my school’s admission list but did not reflect in my JAMB admission letter online till date. I didn’t notice that until much later. What do I do now?

  18. I was given admission into the university I choose and the course I applied for but during my faculty clearance I was told that I can’t do that course because I don’t have the requirements for the course I did change of course now my name is on the jamb matriculation but with my formal course. What will I do to reflect the recent course am doing on the jamb matriculation list

  19. I’ve paid for my change of institution, when I wanted to submit the form the portal said ‘The Course Chosen Does Not Tally with the Admitted Course.’ Please what does it mean? What should I do?
    Jamb gave me physics but school gave me chemical sciences, I wanted to change it to chemical sciences but it says it does not tally

  20. please I registered for jamb and I chose mass communication but they print out public administration for me. lasu is the school I choose. what can I get do sir

  21. I have done my jamb registration and I decided to change the institution , can I change it before the exam comme

  22. please, what if you accepted admission from a course and even printed out the letter, is it possible to change to another course in the same faculty
    I’ll be so glad to get a reply.
    thank you

  23. please, what if you accepted admission from a course and even printed out the letter, is it possible to change to another course in the same faculty

  24. I need your view on something
    I have already done the change of course three times before admission but now that have given admission am asked to go and do change of course to where I was given admission to
    And three times is the exceed limit for change of course

  25. My caps is written admission in progress,bt my course has been changed.
    And my school of choice still give me a different course,And I prefer the School course
    Pls Wat should I do?

  26. I did change of course in jamb office and institution to AAU and d course was medlab but wen i was admitted,they gave me physiology as my course but since d admission from my school over 2months now my jamb caps still writes NOT ADMITTED and d course there is still medlab science……..pls,sir what shud I do? Becos all my documents are ready and my online clearance has been cleared but i don’t have my jamb admission letter

  27. My course was changed by the school but my caps is still showing not admitted. I was told to go upload my waec resultagain from the school admission office that they have confirmed the admission but when i went there the result was there still there…..what could be the problem?? Do i have to do the change of course before my status changes to admitted??

  28. Jamb changed my course and has been writing admission in progress check back later for the past 5wks.Can there be hindrance that it hasn’t changed to admitted?

  29. Please I want to do change of course… And the course I want to put, I didn’t meet the cut off mark .. Is it possible for me to change it??

  30. Please I already printed my admission letter before applying for change of course….what do I do??… please answer it’s very urgent

  31. Pls sir!
    I’ve been offered admission by uniben, they told me to change my course to the course they offered me or else they will revoke the admission, i went to the cafe and change it, i checked again they ve cleared that “revoke admission before two weeks”
    but jamb caps has not offered me admission
    why? it’s just showing ‘welcome’

  32. please sir. i already printed my jamb admission letter without first doing a change of course form to the one I was given. will this affect it and what do I do.

  33. Sir I was offered admission in fed university lokoja, my first choice,but not the course I applied for. what do I do?

  34. good day sir,I applied through direct entry into the university this year,at the point of physical screening,my course was changed,but my CAPS is still showing my former course I applied. please what should I do? thanks.

  35. I applied for Civil engineering but the school gave me industrial and production engineering while Jamb offered me the civil engineering. Pls,what should I do?

  36. I initially chose unilag, microbiology for the first time so I changed to UI microbiology,so after post utme I did UI change of course to biochemistry and I was offered admission to biochemistry in the school and on jamb portal do I still have to collect jamb change of course

  37. I was given plant science and biotechnology and I accepted and even print out my admission Letter. Can I still change the course

  38. Jamb gave me admission but I didn’t couldn’t purchase the school screening form of which I was given. Please what do I do?

  39. When I wanted to register for unilorin post utme…I was asked to change my course because i didn’t meet up to the cut off mark for medicine…so I changed to biochemistry on the school portal but now I can still see the same message on my admission status

  40. my course ve been change but not yet admitted is still at my page what should I do, or I can go and do change of course

  41. What if you are satisfied with the course jamb chose for you,although your jamb score didn’t reach the course you choose it compulsory that you do change of course??

  42. Sir
    My course changed on caps
    But it is still the same on my school portal
    Did jamb caps make mistake??
    Pls reply

  43. Mine is just simple no long story..
    I applied for pharmacy but recently when i checked my jamb caps it was showing me Biochemistry [not yet admitted] and d school of choice i choosed is yet to release her question is would i b given admission

  44. Please I applied bsc chemistry but didn’t reach there cutoff mark so last three days jamb changed my course to zoology but didn’t admit me will dy admit me

  45. sir please I apply for med lab science in inical but I didn’t met up their cut off point please can I til be given admission in other course I merit.

  46. Please sir I have done change of course for Unilag Medical lab science but after my post utme I did not meet up wit the cut off mark the following week I did change of course…. My question is will the change be usefull after post utme, cause I change to human kinetics and after the new cut off mark was release recently am still 2.4 point Belo merit but am under the Educational less developed state, please will the change of course be effectivecourse I checked my profile recently the COC is jux writing pending since have done it in AUGUST, and what are my chance of gaining admission

  47. Am yet to be given admission by jamb but the school I choose gave me admission but the course was changed. am almost through with the admission but still waiting for jamb admission letter. what should I do sir.

  48. Please I have done change of institution twice and jamb gave me admission into another school, and also ask you to do change of institution again, what will I do

  49. Sir, I Did Putme Exam In Unilorin Bt I Failed And I Did Change Of Institution Today To ABU And ABU Screening Will End On Setember 1th…Can It Posible For Me To Do The Screening Before It’s End

  50. Sir i choose biochemistry with utme combination maths English chemistry Nd biology but when I checked delsu portal I saw biochemistry’s combination as physics biology chemistry and English
    …I am asked to do a change of course ….my question is .. should I wait till I gain admission or I should do my change of course

  51. Can uniben give u admision into english language if u scored 238 in jamb nd 64 in post-utme wit agregate of 61 bt choosed english as second choice

  52. I Want To Do Change Of Institution Bt Da Problem Now Is Da School In Which I Want To Changd Frm Has Already Conducted Their Post Utme Nd I Did Nt Partake,,,so Now Is Possible To Change To Another School????

  53. pls Sir help me… jamb gave me admission in Alvan and Cross River University of technology calabar gave me admission too so i choose Cross River admission I have graduated from cross River University of technology Calabar
    Am processing my clearance so i checked my name on jamb matriculation list for Nysc mobilization but is showing i should print admission letter online but i want to it to carry Cross River University of technology,Calabar so wat do i do is it to do the jamb regularization or Do Change of institution and course to enable me print the one that tarries with the School i graduated from …. pls help me Sir is Urgent

  54. if u Av been offered admission like maybe u were offered biochemistry but u Av initially made a change of course/institution twice already.. if Jamb gives u admission and u were asked to do another change or the admission will be revoked, is it possible to make the change.. please reply

  55. Pls sir, is JAMB 2018 Change of course/institution still on? I want to change from medicine to dentistry because i scored 255 in JAMB UTME.

  56. My case is quite different,I did regularization because I couldn’t do Change of institution to the school am presently attending now.My status is showing me congratulations that I have been offered admission and I must still do this change of institution again before I print my admission letter, and it wasn’t going and still not going, please what can I do??
    God bless you sir.

  57. I got 186 in my jamb and I want to apply for yabatech but the problem is I didn’t choose the institution during the jamb registration,so how can I choose the school. If possible please I need the answer urgently

  58. Plz my jamb score changed what can I do.. Though I suspect because the print out gave me a different exam no: when I printed the result

  59. I score 270 in 2018/2019 jamb exams and my 1st choice is Nursing can I change to Medicine? .pls I need advice. I really want to study medicine but I was scare of the cut off mark so I put in Nursing instead.

  60. Plss I have been given admission by my school but I can’t print admission letter coz jamb caps is yet to give me admission what can I do

  61. I was given – political science edu by jamb and I have the admission letter but the school that gave me admission gave me linguistics and I realise that if I am to come for screening in ui I will be asked to bring jamb admission letter and the course that was given to me by my school will be contradicting each other. So what am I to do now and I will like to know the authentic course given to me by ui.

  62. Please my school Enugu State University of science and technology admitted me into the department of Biochemistry. I paid my acceptance fee and now printed admission letter from jamb only to realize that jamb offered me Microbiology. Now I can’t change jamb course to biochemistry neither can I change ESUT to microbiology please help.

  63. the school have me course which is different from jamb and I just see the status now, two weeks is over. What can I do? Pls

      • Pls Sir advise me! I applied for Accountancy in uncal.I score 209 when the the departmental cut-off-mark came out my sister did change of course to education economics without my consent and the school admitted me but l hate this word EDUCATION Pls what can I do

    • Pls my course was changed and I have done change of course since last week now but there is no changes on my caps showing that I’m admitted meanwhile I’ve accepted the course I was given….pls what can I do

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