30 Jamb Sweet Sixteen Key Points And Likely Questions — 1,115 Comments

  1. Popoola lekan on said:

    I need help on physics

  2. Abdullrasheed on said:

    I love this book 😍

  3. chijike Francisca on said:

    This is wonderful I really appreciate thank u sir . I need help in government and CRK.💖💖💖

  4. Mosdioz on said:

    Thank brove i need english and mathematic keypoint for jamb 2021!!!

  5. Abraham Christopher on said:

    Thank u sir I need help in chem3 phziz maths and English

  6. NATHAN MICAH on said:

    I need more key point on 2021 for kmis3,phyzic,bio and English

  7. Alih Mercy Ajanigo on said:

    thanks sir pls l need help in biology physics english and chemistry

    • Michael Raphael on said:

      Please I need help in mathematics,English and financial accounting

  8. Sami on said:

    Thank u so much I wish everyone here best of luck and success

  9. Dija on said:

    Wow dis really help me

  10. Fâvour on said:

    Tnxs,for this
    I pray we all pass

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