Service Not Available While Checking Waec Results — 29 Comments

  1. I am trying to check my WAEC results but they keep saying that my result is not available.

  2. Ma weac result is still showing result not available for dis candidate in dis specific year and exam diet i don’t know wat to do pls i need help

  3. Please my result is writing no result available for the candidate in the exam diet try again letter

  4. since its lagos state that pays for students in its schools, my thinking is that lagos has not paid for this year waec for it students and that is the reason waec is not uploading result for lagos govt student

  5. Why will waec board Announce the release of result when they haven’t uploaded all the result?……leaving some students with worries

  6. What is the problem still now am still getting wace not available for this candidate in this specific yr and exam diet !!!!!!just crying

  7. Mine says “result can’t be fetched at the moment, try again later”.
    Please some should tell me if it normal?
    Is there sone result not yet released?

  8. please i’m in problem with this comment, that i can not see it in the specified year…

    • whats happening. mine is showing result not available for the candidate at the specific year why na?
      And they also said that Lagos state government schools have not been release their result

  9. My result is saying result can not be fetch at the moment, please try again . Is it the same as not available u were talking about?

    • Sir, Please register my worries to WAEC Head office, that my daughter has stop eating since they refuse to release her result. Each time we check they will say HELD HELD all the subject Why? We suffer training our children in school and the end the result that they will need to get to the next step is not release. this problem is already effecting the whole family ” Since the date she want for online Post UTME, and her data is not accepted because of the result. The dead line or date for exercise is 30 of August. Please and Please let WAEC their result In The Name God. Thank you.

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